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Worldwide Organic Fairs Calendar 2020

International Green Week Berlin Germany 17.01.2020
Bio Beurs The Netherlands 22.01.2020
Sustainable Foods Summit USA 22.01.2020
Mexican Healthy Products Summit Mexico 24.01.2020
Millesime Bio France 27.01.2020
Fieragricola Italy 29.01.2020
Berdeago Energy Spain 30.01.2020
Berdeago Nature Spain 08.02.2020
BIOFACH Germany 12.02.2020
VIVANESS Germany 12.02.2020
Salon Natura France 14.02.2020
Lohas Expo Hong Kong 21.02.2020
CHFA Expo West Canada 22.02.2020
Salon Zen & Bio France 28.02.2020
BioCultura A Coruña Spain 28.02.2020
Eco Alicante Spain 29.02.2020
Panacea – Natural Products Expo India India 05.03.2020
Natural Products Expo West USA Cancelled
Foodex Japan Japan Cancelled
Vive Eco Valladolid Spain Postponed
Prowein Germany Cancelled
Evolution Festival Czech Republic Postponed
Salon Vivre Autrement France Postponed
Salon Zen & Bio France Postponed
Natura Málaga Spain Cancelled
Sustainable Foods Summit Singapore Postponed
Salón Gourmets Spain Postponed
Mednat Agrobio Expo Switzerland Postponed
Salon Bio & Co France Cancelled
Feria Navarra Ecológica Spain Postponed
Organic Green Food & Ingredients  China Postponed
SIAL Canada Canada Postponed
Salon Zen & Bio France Postponed
Salon Bio & Co France Postponed
BioWest Germany Postponed
Natural & Organic Products Europe UK Cancelled
Alimentaria Spain Postponed
Bio Cantabria Spain Postponed
BioOst Germany Postponed
BioCultura Barcelona Spain Postponed
Vitafoods International Switzerland Postponed
BIOFACH China China Postponed
SIAL China China Postponed
Salon Bio & Co France Postponed
BioNazur France Cancelled
Salon Vivre Autrement Francia Cancelled
Naturally Good Australia Cancelled
Organic Food Iberia Spain Cancelled
Eco Living Iberia Spain Cancelled
Bioterra Spain Postponed
Sustainable Foods Summit The Netherlands Postponed
Salon Zen & Bio Tours France 12.06.2020
Salón Gourmets Spain 15.06.2020
BIOFACH America Latina Brazil Postponed
Bio Brazil Fair Brazil Postponed
Bio Marché Switzerland 19.06.2020
Salon Zen & Bio Bordeaux France 19.06.2020
Free From Functional Food & Health The Netherlands Postponed
BIOFACH China China 01.07.2020
European Organic Congress Goes Online! 01.07.2020
Natural & Organic Products Europe United Kingdom Cancelled
BIOFACH South-East Asia Thailand Cancelled
SIAL Canada Canada 05.08.2020
BioRitme Festival Spain 27.08.2020
O Sole Bio Switzerland 29.08.2020
Vitafoods International Switzerland 01.09.2020
Natural & Organic Products Asia Hong Kong 01.09.2020
Organic Food Iberia Spain Cancelled
Eco Living Iberia Spain Cancelled
SANA Italy 03.09.2020
BioNord Germany 06.09.2020
Organic Live Fest Serbia 07.09.2020
Sustainable Foods Summit Asia-Pacific Singapur 07.09.2020
CHFA Expo East Canada 10.09.2020
Alimentaria Spain 14.09.2020
Sustainable Foods Summit Europe The Netherlands 18.09.2020
Evolution Festival Czech Republic 18.09.2020
Feria Navarra Ecológica Spain 18.09.2020
BioSüd Germany 20.09.2020
Organic World Congress France Postponed
Natexpo France 21.09.2020
Exponatura Turkey 24.09.2020
BioCultura Barcelona Spain 24.09.2020
BIOFACH America USA 24.09.2020
Organic Green Food & Ingredients China 28.09.2020
Sustainable Cosmetics Summit North America USA 28.09.2020
Fira del Medi Ambient de Tàrrega Spain 03.10.2020
Bioexpo Warsaw
Poland 08.10.2020
Ecocultura Zamora Spain 09.10.2020
BioCultura Lisboa
Portugal 09.10.2020
BIOFACH America Latina Brazil 14.10.2020
Bio Brazil Fair Brazil 14.10.2020
Bioterra Spain 16.10.2020
SIAL Paris France 18.10.2020
Bio Cantabria Spain 30.10.2020
Sustainable Cosmetics Summit Europe
France 02.11.2020
Ecoviure Spain 07.11.2020
Nordic Organic Food Fair
Sweden 11.11.2020
Bioaraba Spain 13.11.2020
Bio Österreich Austria 14.11.2020
Free From Functional Food & Health The Netherlands 24.11.2020
Sustainable Cosmetics Summit Latin America Brazil 25.11.2020
BioCultura Madrid Spain 26.11.2020
Middle East Organic & Natural Products Expo E.A.U. 06.12.2020
Bio-beurs The Netherlands 20.01.2021
BIOFACH Germany 17.02.2021
VIVANESS Germany 17.02.2021
Natura Málaga Spain 12.03.2021
Prowein Germany 21.03.2021
Natural & Organic Products Europe United Kingdom 18.04.2021
Naturally Good Australia 30.05.2021
Organic Food Iberia Spain 09.06.2021
Eco Living Iberia Spain 09.06.2021
Organic World Congress France 06.10.2021

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