From Sunday 18 to Tuesday 20 September, 1,800 exhibitors and brands, all players in the French and international organic sector come together at NATEXPO Lyon 2022. Situated at the very heart of market dynamics, this is an exceptional opportunity to gain access, all in one place, to all the latest new developments in organic, and the vitality that drives the sector’s professionals, at the forefront of new consumer trends.

Natexpo Lyon 2022

NATEXPO Lyon 2022: What to expect?

By 2027, the turnover of the organic food and cosmetics sectors in France could double from 13 billion euros to 26 billion euros, according to one of the scenarios revealed by the recent foresight study conducted by Credoc and AND International for “NATEXBIO – La Maison de la Bio”, the owner of the NATEXPO tradeshow. Consumers are therefore confirming their enthusiasm for organic products, although their expectations are tending to evolve, in particular towards more local, anti-waste and ethical products…

At the heart of a changing context for the organic market, highly conducive to innovation, for the first time in its Lyon version, this new edition of NATEXPO is organized over three full days, from Sunday 18 to Tuesday 20 September. In particular, the show is launching two new theme trails to guide professionals through the show: “Local“, to target companies with local commitments, and “Épure“, highlighting the players in the high-end organic cosmetics sector.

For the first time in its Lyon version, this new edition of NATEXPO is organized over three full days, from Sunday 18 to Tuesday 20 September

Organic and eco-responsibility from all angles and innovations in the spotlight

NATEXPO inaugurates in 2022 the local thematic trail, in order to identify professionals that are engaged in approaches combining organic and local. It will also offer center-stage to new trends to follow in organic food, such as vegan, plant-based, minimalist and FoodTech. Conferences will be held throughout the days of the tradeshow to decipher the latest organic food news.

Among the many innovations presented at the show, visitors will discover the winners of the NATEXPO 2022 Awards, which pay tribute to the most innovative, original and useful products launched on the market in the past year. They will also have the opportunity to explore, via the New Products Gallery, the new products revealing the trends of the moment, be they in the field of health, gastronomy, minimalism, or new ingredients.

Natexpo Lyon 2022

This unique BtoB exhibition is the only one to present the entire range of organic products: food, cosmetics, hygiene, dietary supplements, eco-products and eco-services, but also equipment and services for retail and brands, and ingredients… From upstream to downstream, the entire organic, eco-responsible, zero-waste, bulk, local and CSR offering is on show at NATEXPO.

The entire organic, eco-responsible, zero-waste, bulk, local and CSR offering is on show at NATEXPO

In addition, in partnership with Ingrébio, NATEXPO has designed an Organic Ingredients Discovery Tour, to spend an hour meeting the key exhibitors in the sector. Five tours are planned, to discover innovative ingredients for cosmetics, dietary supplements, plant-based food, local and “more than organic”. NATEXPO Lyon also offers a new area dedicated to e-commerce, a business practice that has become essential since the public health crisis.

Organic cosmetics at NATEXPO

While the organic sector has witnessed a slowdown in the food segment, the hygiene and beauty universe has never been so successful. In 2021, the organic sector recruited over 1.7 million buyers, compared to the previous year. It is no secret that the companies in the sector are extremely dynamic. To prove it, at NATEXPO Lyon 2022, cosmetics is the second largest sector at the show, just behind food. This year, more than 130 exhibitors present their organic cosmetic products, including a great many innovations. The Cosmetic Innovations Forum will analyse the organic cosmetics market figures, new regulations and the year’s trends in partnership with a leadung name: Cosmébio.

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