The European edition of the Sustainable Foods Summit will be hosted in Amsterdam on 15-16th June. For the first time, the executive summit will feature nature-positive production, upcycled foods, regenerative agriculture, ingredient sourcing trends, and marketing success stories.

The 14th European edition of the Sustainable Foods Summit

Since 2009, the Sustainable Foods Summit has been covering major sustainability developments in the food industry. How are sustainability schemes and eco-labels evolving in the food industry? With growing proliferation in labels, what are the prospects for a single sustainability standard for food products? What is the future outlook for plant-based foods? What developments are occurring in sustainable ingredients? How can food & beverage firms move towards circularity? How can operators close their material loops? Such questions are regularly addressed at this international series of summits.

Senior executives from the European food industry will be participating, enabling sponsors to target key decision-makers.

The 14th European edition will take place in Amsterdam on 15-16th June 2023

The aim of the summit is to explore new horizons for eco-labels and sustainability in the food industry by discussing key issues in the sector. In this regard, the 14th European edition will consist of four sessions:

Session 1: Sustainability Developments

The opening session covers the wider sustainability issues in the food industry.

  • Redesigning Foods for Circularity
  • Regenerative Agriculture Implementation & Scaling
  • Agroecology to Restore Food System
  • Decarbonisation of Supply Chains
  • Green Packaging Materials
  • Moving to Circularity Case Study
  • Panel Discussion: Evolution of Impact Metrics

Session 2: Food Ingredients

This session discusses new and emerging sustainable ingredients for food and beverages.

  • Sourcing From Regenerative Agriculture
  • Developments in Upcycled Ingredients
  • Ingredients for Plant-Based Foods
  • Precision Fermentation Techniques
  • Ethical Sourcing of Botanicals
  • Partnerships for Raw Materials
  • Panel Discussion: Sourcing for Sustainability

Session 3: Nature-Positive Foods

This session covers the move to nature-positive production, highlighting opportunities & challenges.

  • Keynote: Sustainable Foods for Biodiversity
  • Implications of COP15
  • EU Deforestation-Free Regulation
  • Setting up Deforestation-Free Supply Chains
  • Nature-Positive Farming Success Stories
  • Consumer Insights on Biodiversity
  • Panel Discussion: Encouraging Nature-Positive Production

Session 4: Marketing Update

This session covers marketing issues with the use of case studies.

  • Nature Protection: Retailer Perspectives
  • Marketing Sustainable Foods
  • Upcycled Beverages: Distribution Case Study
  • Impact Communication Best-Practices
  • Sustainability Consumer Trends and Insights
  • Marketing Claims & Regulations Update
  • Panel Discussion: Innovating for Sustainability

The summit is organized by Ecovia Intelligence, a London-based company specializing in research, consultancy and training focused on the global ethical product industries. It organizes sustainability workshops, seminars and summits at international locations throughout the year with the aim of regularly bringing together some of the leading organizations involved in sustainability and eco-labeling in the food industry.

The 14th European edition will take place in Amsterdam on 15-16th June 2023. Other editions in this international series will be hosted in Latin America (28-29 Nov), and North America (24-25 Jan 2024).

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