Today, the finalists for the annual EU Organic Awards have been announced. 24 are shortlisted for 8 awards in 7 categories, such as best organic farmer (male/female), organic food processing SME, organic food retailer, organic restaurant/food service, bio-district, region, city (see below). The finalists come from 11 different Member States and were selected from a pool of almost 100 submissions from 26 Member States.

This year marked a higher presence of applicants from Central European and Baltic countries. Jan Plagge, IFOAM Organics Europe’s President, said: “I am proud to get to know the finalists of the EU Organic Awards. This year marks another inspirational selection of candidates who showcase the European organic movement’s contributions to the European Green Deal. The increasing number of heatwaves, droughts and heavy rainfalls show that the EU should prioritise farming methods that preserve the climate, biodiversity, soil and water. This new selection for the EU Organics Awards is an example of how individuals and companies in Europe are already making a change.”

The winners of the eight awards will be announced at the official awards ceremony in Brussels on 25 September

Eric Gall, IFOAM Organics Europe’s Deputy Director, added that “The EU Organic Awards are an important ceremony to give visibility to farmers, companies and public authorities who are leading the transformation of our food systems with organic farming practices and principles. These transformative initiatives are relevant for all farming systems and demonstrate that opposing nature protection against agriculture is a mistake.”

The winners of the eight awards will be announced at the official awards ceremony in Brussels on 25 September, as one of a range of events and activities to mark the annual EU Organic Day on Saturday 23 September.

Meet the finalists in each category

Best organic farmer (female)

  • Małgorzata Pucer (Pasiekapucer) – Barciany, Poland
  • Céline Clenet (La Casseline) – Cassel, France
  • Clara Benito Pacheco (Entrelobas) – Serrada de la Fuente, Spain

Best organic farmer (male)

  • Roberto Giadone (Natura Iblea) – Ispica, Sicily, Italy
  • Thomas Moschos (Moschos Farm) – Kastoria, Greece
  • Mikhaylo Haliv (Tomelloso) – Ciudad Real, Spain

Best organic region

  • Dordogne, France
  • Centre-Val de Loire, France
  • Burgenland, Austria

Best organic city

  • BioStadt Bremen, Germany
  • Hajdúnánás, Hungary
  • Stadt Wien, Austria

Best organic “bio-district”

  • Bio Região de S. Pedro do Sul, Viseu district, Portugal
  • Idanha-a-Nova, Beira Baixa, Portugal
  • Biodistretto della Via Amerina e delle Forre, Civita Castellana, Italy

Best organic food processing SME

  • Fürstenhof GmbH – Finkenthal, Germany
  • The Merry Mill – Vicarstown, County Laois, Ireland
  • Ekološka kmetija Kukenberger – Trebnje, Slovenia

Best organic food retailer

  • Valle y Vega Cooperativa Agroecológica de Granada – Churriana de la Vega, Andalucia, Spain
  • Gut Wulksfelde– Tangstedt, Hamburg, Germany
  • NaturaSì Conegliano – Conegliano, Veneto, Italy

Best organic restaurant/food service

  • Luftburg – Kolariks Freizeitbetriebe GmbH – Vienna, Austria
  • Trnulja Country Estate – Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Biohotel St. Daniel – Štanjel, Slovenia

Further information about the candidates, the selection criteria, and the awards in general are available on the EU Organic Awards webpage.

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