Conscious consumption is on the rise, and NATERRA has emerged to offer a range of top quality fair trade products.

Sustainability and social responsibility

NATERRA is the new project of AlterNativa3, a cooperative that produces organic and Fair Trade products committed to sustainable practices and social responsibility.

NATERRA’s main goal is to reactivate the rural economy of agroecological social cooperatives, by preserving the sustainability of traditional agricultural activity while combating rural depopulation. Its philosophy is based on the principles of Fair Trade, which guarantee the respect of labor, social and environmental rights throughout the production and supply chain.

NATERRA’s philosophy is based on the principles of Fair Trade

A Mediterranean range

NATERRA’s flagship product is its premium olive oil, sourced exclusively from Arbequina olive trees. This extra virgin olive oil offers a harmonious balance of spicy, bitter, and sweet notes. Obtained only by mechanical processes, it exemplifies NATERRA’s commitment to the highest quality standards.


Their olives also stand out. Arbequina, manzanilla, green, black, spicy… Olives are a cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet, perfect to enjoy in salads or as a delicious appetizer.

NATERRA does not only offer whole olives, but also olive spreads. The olive spread is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, and it’s an excellent addition to special dishes or a tasty appetizer.

Vinegar and sweet and sour pickles are among the references in its product range. They are more than just a condiment; they are a source of essential vitamins and minerals, to take salads to the next level or to enjoy as an appetizer.


A large variety of fermented options also stand out. Carrot, fennel, beet and fermented white cabbage, as well as Kimchi, are probiotic delights perfect for salads, dressings, cold dishes and appetizers.

Rounding out the range are VeggieHoney, a cruelty-free, vegan-friendly honey substitute perfect for teas, toast, snacks, yogurt, fruit and baked goods; and water kefir. Available in two flavors, lemon and mint & ginger, water kefir is an excellent isotonic refreshment during and after physical activities.

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