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As NürnbergMesse announced at the end of the four-day industry get-together in Nuremberg, approximately 48,000 visitors attended this year’s trade fair duo BioFach and Vivaness – 4,000 more than last year.

The very good market data – a rise in turnover of 11.1% to €8.6bn for the German market as a whole – the mood in the exhibition halls and at the various social events like the BNN (German Organic Trade Ass.) evening, the exhibition hall evening and the BioFach party were all part of what made BioFach and Vivanessa great success. 

Turnover of natural and organic cosmetics rose by around 10% to €1.1bn. An outstanding setting for Vivaness, the leading trade fair for natural and organic cosmetics that this year is celebrating its tenth anniversary.

The well attended Congress, with around 7,000 visitors, showed just how big the need is for reliable information and detailed discussion of technical issues. The BioFach Forum and the Politics Forum in particular attracted many specialists.

NürnbergMesse is very pleased with the success

Petra Wolf from the management of NürnbergMesse was very pleased with the success of the double trade fair: “Over four inspiring days, the industry demonstrated clearly how committed and innovative, value-conscious and at the same time cutting-edge organic is today. Together with the industry, we’re celebrating its great success and the splendid atmosphere in the exhibition halls.“

The next BioFach and Vivaness will be held on 15 to 18 February 2017.

Source: Organic-Market.Info
Author: Karin Heinze