Nordic Organic Food Fair – the Nordic region’s biggest trade show for organic food and drink, has released its first preview of some of the new innovations being showcased this autumn, on 16-17 November, at MalmöMässan in Sweden.

Thanks to a 10% increase in exhibitors -taking the total to over 375 companies for the first time- visitors to Nordic Organic Food Fair (and its co-located sister show Natural Products Scandinavia) will be able to source more new organic and natural food and drink products than ever before.

Among the first time exhibitors are Fine Deli Trade Sweden, Berga Bruk, Flavy, Magnihill, Beriksson, Herb Her, Aries Pasteria, Asiros Nordic, Bio Benjamin, Tropical Nutrition, Organic Soul, SirLoin OÜ, Nature on Tap, What the Fruit, Delphi Organic, Landgarten, Hodmedod, Googly Fruit, Larco Foods, Rapunzel Naturkost, Biscru, and Organics Cluster.

There will be new pavilions from Holland, Spain, and Estonia. Plus, there’s also a host of new names in the Organic Denmark pavilion for 2016 including, Dansk Akvakultur, Food Solutions, GRØD, Kokken & Køkkenhaven, Kombu Cha, Naturli’ Foods, Nordic Foodie, Nordisk Naturel, Rynkeby Foods, Skærtoft Mølle and Sweet Intentions.

Other returning pavilions and show features include KRAV, Advantage Austria, Soil Association, Demeter Italy, Biofood, Nordic Organic Chef Competition, Organic Theatre, and the Natural & Organic Awards Scandinavia Showcase.

While returning exhibitors also include Biova Sweden, Lifefood, Rhumveld Baltic, Pukka Herbs, Bio Planète, Biogan, Svenska Lantchips, Skee Ismejeri, Taifun-Tofuprodukte, Sunder, Wiik & Co, Nordic Beef, Machu Picchu Foods, DO IT Dutch Organic International Trade, LOOV Food, Sackeus, TOPAS Klaus Gaiser, and Saveurs et Nature.

New product innovations

Frequently cited as a ‘must attend’ for discovering innovative new ideas and concepts, Nordic Organic Food Fair has proved popular with buyers from across Scandinavia and beyond. Last year’s 3,930 attendees (up 10% from 2014) represented over 2,000 companies, from 59 different countries.

Over 4,500 attendees are expected for 2016. Here’s a preview of some of the new organic and natural products they’ll see at the show:

– KULAU GmbH is launching its new crunchy KULAU Snax range, made with organic seaweed chips. The chips are carefully dried, not fried, so they contain less fat and are loaded with nutrients.

– Bravo Foods is launching its QuinuaReal quinoa range, made from high quality organic Bolivian quinoa.

– The Free From People is showcasing Buttercup Meadow’s latest range of natural free-from mixes, in six flavours. Uses include everything from stuffing, burgers, sausages, meatballs and meatloaf to dim sum and wontons.

– Mediterranena Vegetable Oil is launching a new Organic Avocado Extra Virgin Oil – a first from Spain.

– Herb Hero is introducing Moringa powder, Turmeric powder, and Coconut Oil. Raw, vegan and organic, they are made as simply as possible to retain as many nutrients as possible.

– BioStyle is launching Goody bites – a new generation of organic raw food with bio active ingredients. It contains essential fatty acids, as well as superfoods.

– New Go4Raw Crackers are made with 100% raw ‘living’ ingredients, which are dried below 42 degrees celsius, so that minerals and vitamins are retained. They are organic, vegan and gluten free.

– Pip Organic’s new Fruity Water is available in Mango, Orange & Apple and Blackcurrant, Raspberry & Apple flavours. It’s made with a blend of organic fruits mixed with spring water, with no sugar, flavourings, or sweeteners.

– LA NAYA chocolate is showcasing its organic chocolate bars, handmade with high quality cocoa beans and tropical fruits. Flavours include pistachio & cocoa nibs; strawberries, cinnamon & chili; and orange & juniper.

– Bio Green Food is showcasing Greenherz’s new homemade-style bio-vegan spreads, sauces and dips. The range includes guacamole, pesto rosso, mexican sauce, and pepper, almond, tomato, and black garlic pâtés.

– Natural Crunch is showcasing Vitasnack Organic Fruit Crunch & Choc, made with mango, pineapple, strawberry, banana, apple and cocoa. It contains no added sugars, with only 78 kcals per 20g pack.

– Grybai LT is showcasing its new whole organic champignons in brine. Farm-grown, hand-picked, and then processed in their own factory, they are packaged a light weight plastic pouch to ensure freshness and reduce CO2 emissions during the product lifecycle (compared to using a glass jar of the same size).

Free registration now open

Busy, fantastic, diverse, interesting, useful, and impressive – are just some of the words used to describe last year’s show, with many calling it an ‘essential visit’ for seeing innovative new products and trends.

Nordic Organic Food Fair returns to Malmö, Sweden, on 16-17 November (new mid-week dates). Confirmed speakers in the Organic Theatre for 2016, include Marie Söderqvist, CEO of Livsmedelsföretagen (The Swedish Food Federation), Helene Birk, international marketing director at Organic Denmark, Cecilia Ryegård, founder and editor of Ekoweb, raw chef Viktor Ingmarsson, and Sepehr Mousavi, sustainability strategist and standardisation expert at Plantagon.

For more information and to register, please visit and quote priority code NFUK115 (direct link: