Organic-Market.Info 12/01/2017 – According to surveys by the German agricultural information service AMI, there was high demand for organic vegetables in 2016. From January to November consumers bought 8% more and the money spent on organic vegetables rose by 10%. Based on the GfK household panel, the AMI analysis tells us that demand was particularly high for organic fruiting vegetables like cucumbers, peppers and zucchini.

The proportion of organically produced vegetables in the total vegetable market rose to 6.7% from January to November. Some vegetables like organic carrots already have a market share of over 20%.Organic zucchini and peppers in particular increased last year to around  9% and 8% respectively of total sales of these vegetables.

The outlets that have benefited most from the rising demand for organic vegetables are the discounters (+27%) and the big food retailers like Edeka and Rewe (+15%). Discounters used not to have a continuous supply of organic fruiting vegetables, but this has now changed. In the investigation period in 2016 the volume of organic fruiting vegetables sold by these outlets rose by around 27 %. Most of the organic fruiting vegetables are imported from Spain.

Source: Organic-Market.Info