IFOAM, 09/01/2018. – bioC is the international organic certificate registry. bioC now holds over 100,000 organic certificates in its system representing over 80,000 certified operators and their products across a range of government regulations and private standards.

This milestone of 100,000 certificates registered in the system is a testament to its wide applicability, accessibility, and usefulness for ensuring the compliance of traded organic goods, the streamlining of assurance programs, and the corresponding gains in efficiency of human and financial resources for such purposes. This is a crucial service to the organic market.

Rolf Mäder, bioC’s Managing Director says, “bioC has made good progress during the last years. Due to cooperation with IFOAM – Organics International we have gotten more international participation and have now 42 certification bodies worldwide cooperating with bioC. With the new technical platform we can now provide as an additional service an interface to ERP systems, to make using bioC-services even more convenient and useful for our clients.”

Furthermore, bioC augments its bank of data with customized services to enable companies to receive a complete and continuously updated information and monitoring services, in order to check the regulatory compliance of any and all certified suppliers’ goods in their systems.

“The more that producers, traders and certification bodies participate in bioC, the greater the benefit it provides all around. It’s a positive feedback cycle that moves bioC and the whole organic sector closer to the objective of having a ‘one-stop-shop’ for validating the certification compliance of operators and products.” says David Gould from IFOAM – Organics International.

As an initiative by and for the organic sector, bioC warmly invites more participants – especially traders and certification bodies – to try out the system and see for themselves the mutual benefits available.

More information is available from the bioC and IFOAM – Organics International websites.

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