One of the most important issues facing retailers today is their role in adapting their business models to help to secure a more environmentally friendly, sustainable retail solution for their customers. This includes the environmental impact of manufacturing the products they sell, the conditions under which products are manufactured, animal welfare, paying fair wages, reducing climate impact and minimising energy needed throughout the supply chain. What is also increasingly important, is the extent to which retailers will be expected to help to educate their customers to adopt more sustainable lifestyles and persuade them to make better choices for the future of the planet. These issues will be debated at the inaugural Sustainability in Retail Forum, part of Sustainability in Retail Week, taking place on 13 November 2019 at MalmöMässan, in Malmö, Sweden.

Sustainability in Retail focus for major new conference

The conference is aimed at senior executives responsible for strategic direction and development, with top international speakers including; Erik Hedén, founder of Sustainable Brand Index; Jens Norfält, professor at University of Bath; Anna Högberg, CEO of Futerra, Sweden; Jesper Frederiksen, head of corporate branding & marketing strategy at Coop Danmark; Anna-Kajsa Lidell, co-founder & head of progress strategy at Food For Progress; and Johannes Cullberg, CEO of Paradiset.

Finding more sustainable, environmentally friendly ways to serve customers, is without a doubt one of the biggest issues facing retailers,” according to Carsten Holm, managing director of event organiser Diversified Communications UK.

“We can all agree that the days of unlimited resources, lowest cost wins at any price, and insatiable consumer demand, are over. However, the question is, how do retailers prepare for the emerging consumer, who cares just as much about the price to the environment and their families, as the cost to their pockets, and what role do retailers have in helping consumers on this journey. And crucially, how do retailers ensure not only that they remain profitable as consumer expectations change, but also use the opportunity to responsibly grow their business. These issues will be tackled head-on and we are very proud to have the support of some of the biggest names in retail to make this important event happen,” says Holm.

The Sustainability in Retail Forum will take place alongside the Nordic Organic Food Fair, one of the leading international events for organic food and eco-living. To register for the forum, please go to Delegate numbers are limited and are expected to sell out fast.

Free trade registration for Nordic Organic Food Fair

The Nordic Organic Food Fair (co-located with Eco Life Scandinavia) will return to MalmöMässan, Malmö, Sweden, on Wednesday and Thursday 13-14 November.

For more information and to register for a free trade ticket, click here

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