We caught up with the Director Eileen Greene from Mooncup ltd, the company behind the original silicone menstrual cup. Mooncup is safe, healthy, sustainable & ethical!. Eileen tells us how they achieve this.

Eileen Mooncup menstrual cup

Why is a Mooncup a smart choice during a pandemic?

The global Coronavirus outbreak has lead to panic buying of not just toilet paper, but of period products too. In times like this, the benefits of the Mooncup® menstrual cup can become all the more clear. With lots of people staying at home at the moment, people have time to re-evaluate their choices, and we have seen a large increase of sales from our website.

As the Mooncup is resuable, it can be used over and over again. It saves you money: one Mooncup lasts for years, and costs the same as you would spend on disposables in 6-8 months.

What are the top advantages of the Mooncup versus conventional options?

Unlike tampons which can cause dryness and leave fibres behind the Mooncup respects your natural balance. It holds three times more than a regular tampon so it  gives you longer lasting protection, and there are no bulky spares to carry or used products to dispose of.

Mooncup is a cheaper, greener and healthier alternative to disposable pads and tampons

You only need one – for lighter and heavier days so there’s no need to stockpile different absorbency pads or tampons.

Why choose Mooncup?

Manufactured in the UK, Mooncup® was the world’s first silicone menstual cup and is a brand synonymous with quality.  We offer a unique Advice Service run by qualified medical health professionals so both users and retailers can benefit from excellent after sales customer care.

When choosing a menstrual cup, it is important to remember that this is a product that will be worn internally so it’s advisable to pick a high quality cup.  If a price feels too good to be true, chances are the cup will be low in quality. It is also important to choose a trusted menstrual cup brand with good usage information and reputable customer service. The best advice is based on medical experience.

Mooncup Periods

What about the sustainability?

Each one of us uses around 11,000 disposable sanitary products in a lifetime, which end up in the sea or landfill.  You only need one Mooncup which lasts for years and years.  Thanks to Mooncup users worldwide, over 2.3 billion fewer tampons and pads have ended up on our beaches or in landfill since 2002!

Many menstrual cups on the market are made in China and come with plastic packaging. All our packaging is plastic free and recyclable

We are an employee owned business, and were the first sanitary protection manufacturer in the world to be awarded Ethical Business status for our people and environmentally-friendly practices and have consistently scored as one of The Good Shopping Guide’s top-ranking companies since they started publishing their ethical brand comparison tables back in 2002. Mooncup is also registered with the Vegan Society.

When and why did you start Mooncup?

The business was set up in 2002 by founder, Su Hardy. This was in response to a deep dissatisfaction with the feminine hygiene industry because of the waste created by throwaway products, the repeated expense of purchasing tampons and pads every month and the health issues around conventional products.

As a company we are motivated by sustainability not exponential profit at all cost, so a great deal of our work is continuing to transform the sanitary product industry and break the menstrual taboo.

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