The organic sector has proven its exceptional dynamism in the unprecedented circumstances of recent months, and many innovations have been launched this year in the organic sector. The best of them have just been designated by the 2020 NATEXPO awards. They illustrate the “world after Covid” by reflecting the major trends of the times: artisan methods, authenticity, proximity, simplicity, eco-responsibility, anti-waste, etc.

2020 Natexpo awards: celebrating organic vitality!

The expert judges selected 16 winners from among the 200 entries examined. The award winners were designated in 8 categories corresponding to the range on offer at the show:

  • Fresh products,
  • Sweet grocery products
  • Savoury grocery products,
  • Beverages,
  • Dietary supplements,
  • Cosmetics and hygiene products,
  • Household and Personal products and services,
  • Services and equipment for retail and brands.

The best organic innovations of the year rewarded

The NATEXPO awards have for 15 years paid tribute to the most innovative, useful, practical and original organic products. The competition is open to all market players (regardless of whether they are exhibitors at the show), manufacturers and producers. For this 2020 edition, the products entered had to have been launched on the market between 1 June 2019 and 1 June 2020.

The official awards ceremony will take place at NATEXPO at Eurexpo Lyon. During the two days of the show, the 16 winning products will be displayed in the “Awards area” entirely dedicated to the winning products. A genuine showcase of the best organic innovations of the year, it is located at the heart of the show: a strategic location and a must-visit stop-off for this first major highlight in the organic calendar since the beginning of the public health crisis.

The winners of the 2020 NATEXPO awards

Fresh Products Category

  • Gold Award. Bonval sodium nitrate-free Frankfurter sausage
  • Silver Award. Crémeux de Bourgogne with organic truffle

Savoury Grocery Products

  • Gold Award. Sauce au Carré
  • Silver Award. Organic tomato sauce made with traditional Valencia orange tomatoes 250g

Sweet Grocery Products Category

  • Gold Award. 75% spread
  • Silver Award. Energy Balls Overstim.s

Beverages Category

  • Gold Award. Ginger and Espelette pepper kefir
  • Silver Award. Organic crème de framboise

Dietary Supplements Category

  • Gold Award. Bédouze Pomme Bio
  • Silver Award. Seasonal Organic Gournay purple Radish Juice

Cosmetics and Hygiene Category

  • Gold Award. Takesumi-azuki ultra-fine cleansing powder and face mask
  • Silver Award. Solid make-up remover with jojoba oil

Household and Personal Products and Services Category

  • Gold Award. Pimpant laundry kit
  • Silver Award. Marguerite

Services and Equipment for Retail and Brands Category

  • Gold Award. Epsilon
  • Silver Award. Vr’Acteur

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