Trade fairs thrive on people, encounters, dialogue and knowledge-transfer. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has turned the entire trade fair industry upside down, there remains a need to meet one another, get to know new products and trends, discuss industry-specific topics and share ideas. And that’s precisely what the organic food and natural and organic cosmetics community expects from the BIOFACH 2021 eSPECIAL from 17 to 19 February.

BIOFACH 2021 eSPECIAL: a strong show backed by strong partners


Yet what also shapes and distinguishes a strong event like BIOFACH and VIVANESS are its strong partners. BIOFACH’s long-standing supporters are its international patron IFOAM – Organics International, and national institutional sponsor BÖLW (German Federation of Organic Food Producers), while VIVANESS is sponsored by COSMOS and NATRUE. These partners have actively supported the combined event for many years and are continuing to do so in these current times, where everything is so very different and BIOFACH and VIVANESS are taking place in the virtual space as an eSPECIAL.

“We would like to sincerely thank all our supporters for their solidarity and loyalty. By this I not only mean exhibitors but visitors and media representatives as well. However, first and foremost I would also like to thank our partners IFOAM – Organics International, BÖLW, COSMOS and NATRUE, who have supported us loyally for such a long time, and just like many of our exhibitors and visitors have embraced the new format that has been adapted to the current circumstances. Because I am confident that with our eSPECIAL we have managed to create the best possible alternative platform for these exceptional times,” says Petra Wolf from the NürnbergMesse management board.

“We would like to sincerely thank all our supporters for their solidarity and loyalty”

Exclusive partners

It has been especially gratifying that many exhibitors showed such a keen interest in the eSPECIAL from the very outset. Our limited EXCLUSIVE packages, for example, were sold out within a very short time. Our exclusive partners include: Biokreis e.V.; Bioland e.V.; Bio Austria, Consorzio il Biologico Soc.Coop.; Cultivator Natural Products Pvt. Ltd.; Demeter e. V.; dennree GmbH; GIZ (German Society for International Cooperation), Import Promotion Desk (IPD) and partners on behalf of the BMZ (German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development); GLS Bank; Lebensbaum; Litfood – Lithuanian National Pavilion; Naturland Zeichen GmbH; Officina naturae S.R.L.; Ukrainian National Pavilion; Organic Ukraine Business Hub and Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association.

Long-time supporters IFOAM – Organics International and BÖLW give their backing to eSPECIAL

IFOAM – Organics International is the international umbrella organisation for the organic agriculture movement and represents over 700 member organisations in more than 115 countries. Its members include organic farming associations, organic food sector companies, research establishments and individual organic farmers. IFOAM – Organics International is the patron of both BIOFACH in Nuremberg and BIOFACH World, which hosts trade fairs in Brazil, China, India, Japan, the USA and other countries. IFOAM – Organics International is largely responsible for shaping the annual thematic focus of the BIOFACH Congress and is also involved through its own sessions and participation in the opening ceremony. “The COVID-19 pandemic shows us that a transformation is needed to rebalance our common Earth system. The theme of BIOFACH 2021 could not have been chosen better. With ‘Shaping Transformation. Stronger. Together’, we intend to build on sustainable practices and experiments, large or small, from related sectors and movements. In addition, we offer the experiences of the organic sector, so that together we clearly point in the direction of real change. During the BIOFACH conference, we will learn more about game-changing solutions that have already proven their impact. Policy-makers can no longer deny the need and also the possibilities, of a truly sustainable future,” says Louise Luttikholt, Executive Director IFOAM Organics International.

The German Federation of Organic Food Producers (BÖLW) is the leading association for agricultural producers, processors and distributors of organic food in Germany. BÖLW is committed to the creation of the necessary underlying frameworks for the further development of the organic food sector. At BIOFACH, the association plays a major role in defining the thematic focus of the BIOFACH Congress and helps shape the trade fair through a large number of events and its participation in the opening of the supporting programme and BIOFACH itself. “We are currently experiencing a turning point. Apart from the COVID-19 pandemic, and in what is a major election year in Germany, we are naturally also dealing with other major crises like the collapse of biodiversity or the climate crisis and its impacts like dry summers and drought. We are also exploring how to make our sectors fit for future generations and what issues policymakers need to tackle to achieve this. Because what is urgently needed, according to the science, is a restructuring of our agriculture and food production system. Our organic farms and companies have been helping to actively shape this transformation for a long time. And BIOFACH is exactly the right venue for discussing these issues and working to achieve our goals together. That is why I am already looking forward to the BIOFACH eSPECIAL and the digital coming-together of the organic community,” says Dr Felix Prinz zu Löwenstein, Chairman of BÖLW.

COSMOS and NATRUE, the institutional sponsors of VIVANESS, are eagerly anticipating the digital event

The COSMOS standard is a trusted consumer guarantee and the largest international standard for organic and natural cosmetics. To date, over 40,000 products and ingredients carry the COSMOS signature. The COSMOS standard is managed by a not-for-profit, international and independent association, the Brussels-based COSMOS standard AISBL. The founding members (BDIH – Germany, Cosmebio – France, Ecocert – France, ICEA – Italy and the Soil Association – UK) continue to bring their combined expertise to the continuous development and management of the COSMOS standard. Eleven authorised certification bodies based in Europe, Australia and Asia offer worldwide COSMOS certification.

“We are delighted that VIVANESS is taking place online this year as it opens up the event to many new international visitors and exhibitors. COSMOS continues to set the pace with over 40% growth in certified products last year and we cannot wait to meet many new companies. Come and join us to discuss market developments, learn about the COSMOS-standard, meet our international certification bodies and check out the many companies and innovative products that already carry the COSMOS signature on their products,” says Katrin Hochberg, COSMOS General Manager.

NATRUE, the international Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association, is an international non-profit organisation that engages worldwide for better regulation and an official definition of natural and organic cosmetics to prevent greenwashing and counter misleading claims about natural and organic cosmetic products. With the NATRUE label, the association has created an internationally valid standard for the formulation of natural and organic cosmetics. NATRUE is actively helping to design the programme for the eSPECIAL and is offering various sessions, including in the congress programme, where the thematic focus will be on consumer attitudes, brand awareness and meeting quality seal requirements in the natural and organic cosmetic sector in Europe.

NATRUE and COSMOS are naturally also represented at the eSPECIAL with their own exhibitor profiles and other items on the agenda

“VIVANESS is a key international event for the natural cosmetics sector that welcomes all types of companies. Indie brands, family companies and international brands find in VIVANESS a platform to present their values and products, and to discuss about the latest developments and innovations in the natural and organic cosmetics sector. As a long-time honorary sponsor, NATRUE sees VIVANESS as a great opportunity to support the work of the sector and showcase the values and commitment that are represented by natural and organic brands and their products,” says Dr Mark Smith, Director General NATRUE.

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