Tradin Organic is the leading global organic ingredients supplier. The company, that serves the entire organic industry, is well-known for its efforts on quality control and traceability, and for ensuring organic integrity and security of supply. We talk with Gabriele Giancardi, the Tradin Organic Commercial Manager for the Mediterranean Region, who is excited to participate in Organic Food Iberia next week.

Tradin Organic

What is Tradin Organic role in the worldwide organic sector?

Tradin Organic is a global leader in the organic raw material sourcing and supplying. We serve a large customer base in many countries in different type of industries. As a front runner of the Organic sector, we develop new and existing supply chains around the world, taking organic every day, to the next level.

You offer 260+ organic ingredients right from the source.

We source our raw materials globally, with special focus to our own factories and projects, so to have direct access to the source and full control starting from the field.

To name a few: Cocoa from Sierra Leone, Avocado Oil and Sesame Seeds from Ethiopia, Sunflower from Bulgaria, Cashews from Vietnam, Orange Juice from Mexico, Berries from Serbia, Coconut Sugar from Indonesia and many more.

Tradin Organic

Organic is growing and will continue doing so in the next years to come. It is our prerogative therefore to help the countries of origins to grow as well, to guarantee more volumes of organic raw material available, without compromising on integrity, quality and control of the supply chains.

“We pride ourselves to be long time partner with our customers”

Gabriele Giancardi
Mr. Gabriele Giancardi, Tradin Organic Commercial Manager – Mediterranean Region

What products and services do you offer?

Tradin Organic serves ingredients to many types of industries: Chocolate and Confectionary, Beverage, Infant Nutrition, Bakery, Jams and Preserves, Packing, Cosmetic and so on. You will have the chance to taste some of the best products during the fair in Madrid, with a bit of Tradin Organic in them.

We pride ourselves to be long time partner with our customers, a reliable supplier taking care of quality control and certifications, storing and on time deliveries, operating consciously in terms of social impact and environmental sustainability.

On 8-9 September you will be back at Organic Food Iberia, the major trade show for organic professionals in Spain.

We are beyond excited to be able to meet again our customers and suppliers and discover new companies at the Organic Food Iberia. It is even more important in difficult times like these, to keep cultivating our business and keep close to our trusted partners.

We are honored to participate again to the Organic Food Iberia and believe that this young fair event, will keep growing in the future.

We are beyond excited to be able to meet again our customers and suppliers at Organic Food Iberia

How is Tradin Organic developing in the Spanish market?

We have been in Spain  for many years, even when not many companies would bet on the growth of Organic. We kept active in buying and selling, growing along with the market and here we are today. Exhibiting at this fair, an event for professionals only of the Organic sector, based in Madrid.

Many companies from the conventional industry are nowadays approaching Organic. We are here not only to show them the ingredients which we can supply, but also the opportunity that organic agriculture represents for the whole food industry.

Where can we find you at the show?

You can find us at booth number 8E142, we are looking forward to meeting you there!

Tradin Organic

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