The organic community is warming up for AgriExpo Agrícola Orgánico Latinoamérica 2021, a professional exhibition focused on the realities of sustainable agriculture and professional relations between commercial partners in Chile and Latin America. The event will be held on November 24 and 25 in hybrid format, combining physical activities with online sessions.

AgriExpo 2021
AgriExpo Agrícola Orgánico Latinoamérica 2021

AgriExpo Organic Agriculture Latin America 2021, in physical-virtual format

Organized by AOA Chile y Agro Mapu Business, AgriExpo Agrícola Orgánico Latinoamérica is one of the most important organic agriculture events in Latin America. The exhibition seeks to expand networks with commercial partners in Latin America and Chile. It is presented as a space for the collective construction of knowledge about organic agriculture. The perfect opportunity to build informed positions on organic agriculture, sustainable development and food security, and promote dialogues between various actors in the economy and society.

The 2021 edition will focus on a wide range of topics: horticulture, fruit growing, beekeeping, livestock, technology and e-commerce. During the two days, 26 national and international exhibitors will be at the exhibition with physical-virtual stands, located in the Araucanía pavilion in Temuco (Chile) and on the virtual platform, to showcase their work and products to the attending public.

26 national and international exhibitors will be at the exhibition with physical-virtual stands

A hybrid and extensive program

Due to its hybrid nature, the event will combine face-to-face and virtual activities and conferences. These sessions will be held simultaneously from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the two days of the event, with a break at noon for lunch. Both the face-to-face and virtual programs will feature Latin American and international companies, producers, journalists, media, experts, academics and consultants, who will participate in activities to shape informed positions on the market for sustainable organic agriculture products and services in real time.

Day 1: November 24

After the opening, Paula Mujica will open the morning lectures with the session “Experience in organization of organic farmers under the Organic Agriculture Regulation”, about the organic legislation. This will be followed by presentations by Tomás Weitzel of Agrícola Olmué and Felipe Mayol, who will give an overview of the regenerative circular economy. In the afternoon, Isidora Molina Perez will speak on “Fundamentals of regenerative livestock and holistic management”.

The event will combine face-to-face and virtual activities and conferences

As for the online activity, Rodrigo Quevedo will offer a conference on “Agriculture 5.0 and robotics”. Mauricio Camus and Sebastián Pillado will give an European context to the organic sector in the session “Access, consumption and trends in the European organic sector”, while Pedro Carrillo España will highlight the key points of artificial intelligence for decision making in the agroindustrial chain. After lunch, it will be the turn of the Colombians David Villegas Garcia and Carlos Hernando Molina Duran, who will put on the table reflections on agriculture 4.0 in rural contexts and organic production in the Colombian Choco, respectively. Simultaneously, Alejando Hernández Zardon will give a lecture on “Potato production from sexual seed with the use of biofertilizers”.

AgriExpo 2021

Day 2: November 25

The morning session of the second day will begin with a conference by Francisca Martín Cuadrado on “The importance of technology as a driver of training in agriculture”. Also face-to-face, Rodolfo Campos Dumay and Diego Rigo will speak on “Compost and compost tea for small, medium and large-scale farmers” and “Linking companies with the conservation of biodiversity in the Araucanía region”. Cristóbal Gatica will close the physical lectures with his talk on “Regenerative food systems”.

Meanwhile, the virtual planning will take an international course with the intervention of the Dutch Volkert Engelsman on “Future trends in Europe and sustainability of marketing”. The program will be followed by Cobi Cruz with “The Brazilian market: overview of organic consumption and consumer profile”, and Allyson Zapata Molineros with the conference “Use of microorganisms in Organic Agriculture”, live from Ecuador. After a lunch break, the conferences “The challenges of organic beekeeping and cooperatives at the international level” by Luis Enrique Castañón, “Ecological regenerative farm in Guatemala” by Lola Molina and “The Bolivian process in the implementation of GSPs and 3025 Regulation” by Carlos Alberto Castillo Cárdenas will be held. Daniel Villegas García and Antonio Domene Carmona will conclude the virtual sessions of the event.

Registration for the exhibition is still open, free of charge

Registration is open

Thanks to information and communication technologies, it is expected to generate an inclusive, interesting and relevant event for all sectors of national, continental and world society. The event will also present information on new products, projects and initiatives about the organic agrifood sector. Registration for the exhibition is still open, free of charge.

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