For Tradin Organic, the global front runner in organic food ingredients, busy times are ahead. Starting February, the Moroccan Strawberries are in season, and it’s just one of the options in a wide variety of frozen fruits, berries and vegetables that Tradin Organic offers. Despite the turbulent times, preparations are going well and the team is ready to meet consumer demands for fully certified organic ingredients.

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Morocco as a prime and stable organic strawberry source

Over the last years, Morocco has become a bigger source for organic strawberries. The varieties are mainly Camarossa, such as Fortuna, Sabrina and Victoria. For the fresh industry, picking and production start early in November, but for the frozen strawberries, February is the month that everyone has been waiting for.

At Tradin Organic, the organic strawberries are available frozen (IQF), which are great for direct consumer packaging and different industrial purposes such as freeze drying and jam production. We also supply organic strawberry concentrate and puree, which can be used as an ingredient in juices, smoothies, yoghurts, ice cream and desserts.

Strawberries from Morocco is one of a wide range of frozen fruits, berries and vegetables that Tradin Organic offers

COVID-19 and overcoming challenges

Tradin Organic employs an extensive international team of locally stationed field scouts who work directly with farmers and processors to guarantee organic and ethical integrity, full transparency, and a secure supply of a wide range of organic ingredients.

However, the risks and uncertainties of COVID-19 are still visible in this strawberry season. For example, the IQF production facilities are hard to organise due to social distancing and the risk of shortage of workers can impact the speed of the harvesting. Despite these challenges, expectations are looking bright for the season. In comparison to last year, the volume of production is expected to increase.

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Understanding the complexity of todays’ retail environment and forecasting challenges that they may pose is key, so Trading Organic always strives to adapt and seek workable solutions to any complication.

Safety and Transportation at its best

Tradin Organic imports strawberries into the ports of Rotterdam and Hamburg, in order to always supply customers in a timely manner. With inventory available at Tradin’s distribution centre in the Netherlands, they are ready to supply their organic fruit ingredients to all over Europe. These products are submitted to an extensive quality check and are coming from a BRC + SMETA certified production plant.

Tradin Organic works continuously to ensure the organic integrity of its entire range of products

Offering the option of just-in-time delivery, Tradin works with quality partners to ensure smooth and fast distribution. Using expert carrier systems such as bulk trucks, pallet trucks, tanker loads, vessel loads, coasters and in-land ships, our products are transported in optimum conditions.

A world-wide selection of the best organic

Tradin Organic offers a wide range of organic certified products, making it a one-stop-shop for many of our customers. With their highly skilled teams and range of certifications, Tradin Organic is working continuously to monitor the organic integrity of its entire product range. In addition, they strive to ensure the highest food safety standards for all customers.

About Tradin Organic

Tradin Organic is the global front runner in organic food ingredients, with over 13 offices worldwide. They offer a full-service portfolio, from unique sourcing, sustainability initiatives, distribution & processing capabilities. They source premium, certified organic food ingredients for the international food industry, carrying more than 150 products from over 60 origins.

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