From 2 to 9 June, Semana Bio 2022 will bring together activities by farmers restaurants, schools and retailers. The organisation is calling on institutions, the agri-food sector, the educational world and citizens to join the initiative, promoting the transition towards organic production and consumption in order to achieve the 2030 European targets. The event, which seeks to promote, disseminate and celebrate organic production, is the first of its kind on a national stage.

Semana Bio 2022

Semana Bio 2022: raising awareness

The food system is the main driver of climate change, whose effects, such as droughts and desertification, are hitting us harder and harder. The need to change our food systems has never been greater in the face of global warming, the widespread decline in biodiversity, and health problems related to lifestyle habits and diet.

In this context, Semana Bio was born. It is a week-long campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of organic food and farming, identified by the European Union as a key and essential element to promote within the framework of the Biodiversity and Farm to Fork Strategies.

According to the Annual Report on Organic Production in Spain 2022, compiled by Ecovalia and presented this March, per capita spending on organic products in Spain stood at around 59.2 euros per inhabitant/year in 2021, still far from the European Union average of 101.8 euros, and far from the 10% consumption target set for 2030.

From 2 to 9 June, Spain celebrates Semana Bio to promote the production and consumption of organic products

From 2 to 9 June, Spain celebrates Semana Bio, which will promote the production and consumption of organic products through a series of activities that will take place throughout the country. These include visits to producers and agricultural facilities, retail business activities, HORECA and gastronomic activities, in-school activities and many other specific outreach actions.

The initiative is open to all actors in the organic sector: including producers, retailers, distributors, certifiers and organisations. Therefore, the organisation invites the agri-food sector to join the event and to organise activities to promote and disseminate organic production and consumption. The activities will be collected by filling a short form and will be included in the event’s program. All the activities can be found in the Semana Bio Calendar, published on the website.

The organisation calls on institutions, the agri-food sector, the educational world and citizens to join the initiative

Semana Bio will come to an end on 8 and 9 June, when the organic sector will gather at IFEMA Madrid for Organic Food & Eco Living Iberia.

About Semana Bio

Semana Bio is an initiative organised by Bio Eco Actual, an independent and free media outlet at the service of consumers, producers, distributors and retailers of the organic sector. It has the main support of Ecovalia, the Spanish professional association of organic production, and Organic Food & Eco Living Iberia, organic sector’s professional meeting point par excellence, which had nearly 5,000 visitors in the last edition and which will culminate Semana Bio 2022 on 8 and 9 June in Hall 7 of IFEMA Madrid.

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