IFOAM Organics Europe together with INTERBIO Nouvelle Aquitaine will host the 16th edition of the European Organic Congress (EOC) in the ‘world’s wine capital’ Bordeaux, France on 16-17 June 2022. After a long time without physical events, the in-person social interactions will add a special spark to this year’s event where the entire value chain of the organic movement will be represented.

European Organic Congress 2021

On the road to achieving the EU Green Deal

This year’s edition revolves around the theme ‘A more organic future: On the road to achieving the EU Green Deal’. The Congress has amongst its topics:

  • How EU policies can enable the ambitious and achievable targets
  • Realizing the Farm to Fork & Biodiversity strategies’ targets
  • Organic as part of the solution: Farming, purchasing & digitalizing
  • Reviewing the organic market with showcases

The organization invites the participants to join this year’s Congress to discuss key policy topics, engage in the organic discourse with leading policymakers, broaden professional networks with like-minded individuals, discover the sector’s developments and get a hint of what the future’s organic domain will look like.

European Organic Congress 2022: Check the program

Sessions scheduled for 16 and 17 June at La Cité du Vin venue will provide attendants with the opportunity to interact with and benefit from the knowledge and expertise of high-level speakers and moderators on policy developments in organic.

Speakers include Martine Cavaillé, INTERBIO Nouvelle Aquitaine Coordinator; Charlotte Bladh André, CEO of Organic Sweden; Claude Gruffat, Member of the European Parliament, the Greens/EFA group; Jan Plagge, President of IFOAM Organics Europe; Sarah Compson, Soil Association’s International Development Manager; and Sybille Kyed, Organic Denmark’s Head farm and food policy.

Jan Plagge (IFOAM Organics Europe President) and Janusz Wojciechowski (Commissioner in charge of EU Agriculture & Rural Development policy) at 2021 EOC

Day 1: 16 June

Congress opening session will discuss necessary policy actions to reach the 25% organic target by evaluating the situation in several Member States. The session will present recent research on the environmental benefits of reaching 25% organic agriculture for the EU and the Green Deal. ‘The role of organic in sustainability labelling’ debate will follow, exploring different initiatives and how organic takes part in this effort. The panel will be held by Sabine Bonnot, Institut Technique de L’Agriculture Biologique (ITAB) President; Claude Gruffat, Member of the European Parliament, the Greens/EFA group; Sabine Pelsser, Head of Unit of DG Sante Food information and composition, European Commission (TBC); and Jürn Sanders, from Leader Department of socioeconomic Sciences, Forschungsinstitut für biologischen Landbau (FiBL).

Sessions scheduled for 16 and 17 June will provide attendants with the opportunity to interact with and benefit from knowledge and expertise

A review of both French and Swedish organic market will be on the core of the afternoon session, presenting recent data of the organic market, national actions and solutions promoting the organic market.

Day 2: 17 June

The second day will start with the parallel sessions on the current challenges, initiatives, and solutions in the organic supply chain, as well as the impacts of digitalization on farming and a workshop on climate positive organic holdings, all of them hosted at the Radisson Blu Hotel.

Back at La Cité du Vin, the session Carbon farming: Organic farmers as part of the solution for climate change & biodiversity’ will offer approach to “carbon farming”, its contribution to the EU Green Deal and biodiversity protection. After a lunch break, a panel debate on ‘Pesticide use and contamination: How EU policies can help organic operators’ will take place, exploring what the sector is doing and how EU policies can help.

Closing off the Congress, the Director Emeritus, INSERM for BioNutrinet, Denis Lairon will explore the health benefits of organic farming. Later, the President of IFOAM Organics Europe, Jan Plagge, will give the close statement, which will be followed by a wine tasting.

On June 18 participants can attend an excursion to discover some innovative projects committed to a more organic future

Bonus day: 18 June

Furthermore, on June 18 participants have the option to attend an excursion to discover some innovative projects committed to a more organic future. This includes exploring the application of agro-ecological practices, a wine tasting and a visit to a wholesaler specialized in organic products, as well as attending the “Organic Commitement Award” ceremony. Reservations are also open via the registration portal.

Further information available at IFOAM Organics Europe website and their social media. 

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