BIOFACH & VIVANESS returns to the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre from 26 to 29 July 2022. With a new Tuesday to Friday schedule, the international organic congress will once again be held on site, where visitors and exhibitors will find all the energy to discover the latest organic sector innovations and trends, while sharing information and knowledge face-to-face. BIOFACH & VIVANESS Director Danila Brunner says: «That feeling of being part of a community in our sector is what we’ve all been longing for, and we’ll experience it again at BIOFACH and VIVANESS 2022».

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The world’s leading fair for organic Food and the international trade fair for natural and organic personal care will also benefit from all the experience gained from the digital edition in 2021. «On site, exhibitors, visitors and media representatives can experience the comprehensive range of exhibits, innovations and trends, network face-to-face, and delve into the congress live and instantaneously. Online, the sector can also benefit from the digital representations of exhibitor product ranges, use the communication and appointment-making tools to network over and beyond the physical event, and enjoy parts of the congress in a digital format. This exhibition pairing is an event that thrives on offering a multi-sensory experience, which will again be possible, albeit within the limits due to COVID-19, of course» adds Danila Brunner.

BIOFACH 2022: the evolving trade show concept

This year’s edition features a special platform dedicated to farmers – the new Agriculture forum. The Best New Product Award will be presented in seven categories and the Hot Brands will provide interested parties with information on the latest trends. Moreover, 32 new companies from the food industry will be presented in the “Innovation made in Germany” pavilion. Packaging will already be a major feature of this exhibition, and there will be an overview of zero waste and the “unpacked” concept at the bulk food showcase “Unverpackt”. Due to their specific relevance and uniqueness, olive oil, vegan and wine will again have their well-deserved spotlighted space at the “worlds of experience” area.

All trade fair participants have direct access to the digital platform

The network hubs Initiatives & NGOs and Generation Future will continue to provide inspiration for the future. Once again, the Organic Food Industry Research Award (BioThesis) will be presented at the Generation Future hub during the trade fair. Next Generation provides a networking hub mainly for start-ups and the subsequent generations of established companies.

Organic. Climate. Resilience

Both on-site and online, the BIOFACH Congress 2022, which has been developed in partnership with BÖLW and IFOAM, will explore the socio-politically relevant question how to make food production more resilient and climate-friendly whilst applying organic principles. «We need stable and resilient food systems in the face of exceptional climatic events to ensure that everyone has access to an adequate, sustainable and healthy food supply. Our own fragility, and that of the planet and food systems, has become even more evident to us during the global pandemic», explains Louise Luttikholt. The Executive Director of IFOAM – Organics – International adds: «As a system based on the principles of health, ecology, equity and care, the organic system is already working, as demonstrated by millions of farmers and food producers around the world».

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«Science confirms that extreme global events such as the climate crisis or pandemics are connected to the way we treat the natural environment. But scientists also tell us not to lose heart. They say it is in our hands to solve the crisis. To do so, organic farming must become the new normal. There is an urgent need to develop resilient systems from farm to fork. How we produce our food, organise our farms and do business sustainably will be a mammoth task for all governments and for each of us. With humus-rich soils, organic farmers sequester excess CO2 effectively from the atmosphere», explains Tina Andres, President of BÖLW.

VIVANESS 2022: a reliable source of inspiration and trend-setting

Awareness has grown in all segments of society that a healthy, sustainable and resource-conserving lifestyle is one that brings us consumer satisfaction without compromising our children’s future, and the cosmetics industry is very clearly responding to this concern and is adapting its range of products to consumer demands for natural and sustainable products. Waterless products, vegan cosmetics, refill systems and zero waste are here to stay: they have gone from being a trend to becoming an integral part of supply and demand.

BIOFACH and VIVANESS returns to the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre from 26 to 29 July 2022 with a new Tuesday to Friday schedule

Consumers of natural and organic cosmetics demand “naturalness” – not only natural ingredients, but also animal welfare, environmental compatibility, waste avoidance, sustainability and fair trade and health, and the transformation of the international cosmetics market is in full swing, generating growth expected to reach 8%. «In general, cosmetics companies are becoming greener, adopting a more holistic and ethical approach and investing in sustainability,» says trend researcher Mirja Eckert of the The New.

Organic – further growth is needed

Organic is part of the solution in addressing some of the major challenges worldwide, such as climate emergency, soil erosion, poverty and hunger. Organic agriculture contributes to at least eleven UN Sustainable Development Goals. Further growth in organic production and consumption is needed all over the world, not only to hit the targets set by the EU, for instance, but to deliver a (sustainable) future.

Author: Montse Mulé Cardona, Editor

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