Tradin Organic is the global front runner in organic food ingredients, with over 700 employees and 13 offices worldwide. They offer a full-service portfolio, including unique sourcing, sustainability initiatives and distribution and processing capabilities. Tradin sources premium, certified organic food ingredients for the international food industry, carrying more than 150 products from over 60 origins. As an international player with local presence in their markets, they can guide their clients through the journey of certification and offer tailor-made solutions to suit individual requirements.

Tradin Organic
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The global front runner

The company employs an extensive international team of locally stationed field scouts and agronomists who work directly with farmers and processors to initiate and support conversion projects and continuously ensure the quality and organic integrity of their products. They have deployed strict product specifications to rank product quality based on experience and market knowledge. Product quality is monitored at source and in the Upstream Supply Chain by independent third parties. Finding the right source is based on successful initial communication of expected product quality and service.

Tradin Organic is the global front runner in organic food ingredients

Sourcing and importing certified organic raw materials from exotic countries is a challenging job. Tradin Organic use their own facilities and work with specialized partners to always guarantee full traceability of goods. Additionally, the company operates numerous sourcing projects where raw ingredients are produced and where they work with their extensive network of carefully screened, long-term independent suppliers to ensure the steady supply of only the best quality products. Tradin oversees all aspects of transportation and storage, from goods in control to preserving organic integrity.

Tradin Organic offers a wide range of organic certified products, making them a one-stop-shop for many of their customers. Due to a broad portfolio of ingredients, they can offer mixed and consolidated orders, helping customers maintain a low inventory level and a stable supply of organic ingredients. Using expert carrier systems such as bulk trucks, pallet trucks, tanker loads, vessel loads, coasters and in-land ships, their products are transported in optimum conditions. Offering the option of just-in-time delivery, Tradin works with quality partners to ensure smooth and fast distribution from their EU and US storage spaces.

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