At least 50 percent of the food offered in Zurich‘s retirement and care centres, hospitals, day care centres, schools, canteens and cafeterias must be organic. That was recently approved by the city council, with the intention of increasing organic consumption.


Increasing the proportion of organic food in Zurich

Zurich will now begin to examine how it can boost the proportion of organic foods to the required levels. The city’s nutrition strategy already calls for a greater amount of food from the surrounding region, but had previously been silent on the amount of organic food that should be included. Environment and Health Director Andreas Hauri acknowledged that there may be some problems in converting over to organic food, but said he was “convinced we can still increase the proportion”.

At least 50 percent of the food offered in Zurich must be organic

La iniciativa fue aprobada con 71 votos a favor, aunque recibió ciertas oposicioness por parte del conservador Partido Popular Suizo (SVP), que el cambio estaba “muy alejado de la decencia y la realidad”, argumentando que enviaba señales equivocadas a los países en desarrollo. Según Johann Widmer, la iniciativa es “una afrenta a las personas de los países pobres que no saben cómo alimentarse”.  El Partido Democrático Libre (FDP) también se opuso al cambio, diciendo que no estaba claro cómo se aplicarían las nuevas normas. Martina Zürcher preguntó cómo se mediría el requisito del 50%. “¿En kilogramos? ¿En francos?”, dijo.

The initiative passed with 71 votes in favor, although it received some opposition from the right-wing Swiss People’s Party (SVP), which said the change was “far removed from decency and reality,” arguing that it sent the wrong signals to developing countries. According to Johann Widmer, the initiative is “an affront to people in poor countries who do not know how to feed themselves.”  The Free Democratic Party (FDP) also opposed the change, saying it was unclear how the new rules would be implemented. Martina Zürcher asked how the 50% requirement would be measured. “In kilograms? In francs?” she said.

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