Last year the Commission established 23 September as the annual EU Organic Day as part of the EU Organic Action Plan. This day becomes an opportunity to show that the organic movement is thriving and innovative.

EU Organic Day
European Commissioner for Agriculture, Janusz Wojciechowski, at the press launch of the EU Organic Day.

To celebrate organic production

As part of the movement and the European organic sector, IFOAM Organics Europe, the European umbrella organization for organic food and farming, encourages to organize initiatives and events on / around EU Organic Day. The organization will collect all organized initiatives and give them visibility through its website and social networks. Have a first look at the interactive map with initiatives on IFOAM’s website.

Are you still unsure about what you will be organising? Or about what is a ‘good’ initiatives? IFOAM Organics Europe’s members can join their member-only session ‘Let’s discuss organic: EU Organic Day’ on 10 August 14:00-15:00 (under prior registration) to get inspired.

 This event marks a moment of high purpose for the organic sector in Europe

On the other hand, anyone who has an initiative that contributes to transforming food and agriculture, but is not focused on the EU Organic Day, can send it to the IFOAM’s website collecting initiatives that are transforming food and farming

Boosting the organic sector

The launch of the annual EU Organic Day follows up on the Action Plan for the development of organic production, adopted by the Commission on 25 March 2021, which announced the creation of such a day to raise awareness of the characteristics and benefits of organic production. The Action Plan aims at stimulating organic production and consumer demand for organic products, for this reason, together with the EU Organic Awards, the EU Organic Day marks a moment of high purpose for organic in Europe.

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