Nature Bio Foods, India’s leading organic food company, recently published its 2022 Sustainability Report, «Sustainable Happiness». The report highlights progress the company made in 2021 focusing on four areas: organic products, planet, people, and governance.

Nature Bio Foods
©Nature Bio Foods. Managing Director, Mr. Rohan Grover, announcing the release of Nature Bio Foods Sustainability Report during BIOFACH

Re-affirming its commitment towards organic

In the report Nature Bio Foods re-affirms its commitment and steps taken towards building organic farming communities, protecting the environment, and bringing economic prosperity through organic agriculture. «We are building a sustainable business and contributing to a healthier future», they state out.

Nature Bio Foods has come a long way to establish itself among the mosrt reputed organizations, covering an array of 100% Organic Rice, Pulses, Spices, Cereals, Nuts, Oilseeds, and Superfoods. With years of hard work, they have undertaken more than sixty thousand hectares of certified organic land for cultivation. They understand farms as a place of opportunities, and shared purposes. That is why their support go beyond the farm to help enhance the lives of the farmers and their families through fair-market wages, access to clean drinking water, education, agriculture productivity enhancement programs, and infrastructure improvements.

Nature Bio Foods achieved new certifications such as Regenerative Organic Certification and Sustainable Rice Platform

Important milestones and new benchmarks

The report highlights important milestones that were achieved and new benchmarks set for the future. For example, Nature Bio Foods achieved new certifications such as Regenerative Organic Certification, which not only focuses on organic agriculture, but on farming practices that benefit planetary well being in addition to human health, and Sustainable Rice Platform, that verifies rice farming and handles a broad range of sustainability issues including critical areas related to greenhouse gas emission ans air polluion, which help increase global supply of rice, improve livelihoods of producers and encourages farmers to adopt climate-smart practices.

The report also provides an outlook for Nature Bio Foods’ plans for 2022-23 and beyond. These include further reducing and offsetting the carbon footprint of the company’s agricultural practices, processing, and supply chain operations.

A clear vision for 2030

Corporate Governance is a reflection of culture, policies, relationships with stakeholders and commitment to values. And accordingly, Nature Bio Foods always seeks to ensure that its performance is driven by integrity. Recognizing that sustainability is effective only if strongly integrated into organization and management systems, Nature Bio Foods has introduced a new structure to promote sustainable business activities and achieve major sustainability targets for 2030, such as: carbon neutrality, stronger social programs and initiates in the communities they operate, maintaining and extending traceability from farm to gate, increasing company revenue by 1.5 times, and achieving improvements in the warehouse operations process and logistic cost.

Nature Bio-Foods

About Nature Bio Foods

Nature Bio Foods accounts for 12% of India’s organic exports and 75% of its organic rice exports. The company also sells rice flour, and a range of organic products including soybeans and soybean meal, flax, sesame seeds, red and yellow lentils, mung beans, and chick peas. Nature Bio Foods works with 60,000 farmers in India who grow crops for the company. In addition to its headquarters in India, Nature Bio Foods has offices in the U.S., The Netherlands, and Africa.

  • Read Nature Bio Foods 2022 Sustainability Report.

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