What do they have in common a woman looking for self-employment and work-life balance for her personal business; a young person interested in entrepreneurship and in migrating from the city to the countryside; and a small organic producer, ignored by the distributor, who needs to channel his sales to the final user in a sustainable way?

Biofood Network®

Biofood Network®: supporting the organic community

An e-commerce may be the solution to their problems, but they face same challenges:

  • Digital World: From domain registration, security certificates and hosting provider, to which e-commerce platform is best for them.
  • Operational: online shop management, stock, prices, tags, photos, billing…
  • Who are their key partners: suppliers, logistic agents.
  • Which social media is good for them, how to use hashtags, keywords or SEO.

Aimed to solve these shared problems, 12 months ago Biofood Network® was launched: The network that makes organic food accessible and sustainable in any rural area through digitalisation. A unique Spanish network that supports organic farmers, producers, makers, retailers and entrepreneurs in our country as a community. Making available direct sales tools (e-commerce), broadcasting and business growth opportunities to all those who work in the world of agroecology and organic food.

Biofood Network® offers direct sales, outreach and business support tools to the biotech community

Its founder and CEO, Dulcinea Ortiz, is a chemical processing and environmental engineer from El Toboso, a small agricultural town in La Mancha region, Spain. Four years ago, Dulcinea launched Biofood Naturalmente®, the first online shop of local organic products in La Mancha, with regional deliveries through energy-efficient EcoRoutes with minimal environmental impact.

Biofood Network®

Today, she and her team insist: “At Biofood we are an e-commerce like you can be… Not a developer, a marketplace, nor a franchiser! After 4 years of learning and growing as users and developers of our own e-commerce tool, creating partnerships with organic producers and makers, connecting the small organic farmer with the local end consumer in our rural environment, and developing the most appropriate communication strategy for our online store, we want to share our experience and help others along the way, saving them mistakes, time and money. But above all, we want to grow as a community!

Integrated and individually customised technological solution.

Biofood Naturalmente® supports you with 4 fundamental pillars:

  • E-commerce tool: optimised over 4 years, customised for each member of the network.
  • Operational training: Orders, offers, detailed stock vs. reservations, invoices, CRM.
  • Portfolio of small organic farmers and makers, culinary innovators with product proven rotation, to complete your local catalogue.
  • Communication and Marketing: A 360o strategy in communication, social media and marketing. Both for your business and Biofood Network® (for the whole Biofood community).

Biofood Network® meets 12 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Biofood Network® has the innovative objectives of sharing and supporting:

  • Providing you with your own technological tool with premium functionalities, but low implementation cost.
  • Supporting you with 3 different subscription plans, ranging from basic technical support (orange plan) to full management (corn plan). But, above all…

Strengthening the community

Biofood Network® gives us COMMUNITY, empowering each other within the NETWORK! Being part of a strong structure, a network of organic farmers, producers, makers and local shops with common values, making organic products accessible, affordable and sustainable. Sheltering together under a protected umbrella name, which gives us visibility and resilience to reach each and every rural corner. Partnering in association to access public support that we would not be able to access alone.

Biofood Network®
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Triple positive impact

Biofood Network® is a triple positive impact project that meets 12 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals:

  •  Social well-being and repopulation through entrepreneurship and balanced self-employment.
  • Revitalisation and dynamisation of the RURAL economy through the disruptive digitalisation of local direct sales.
  • Regional deliveries with low environmental impact.
  • Encouraging organic food consumption and production, preserving biodiversity.

Biofood Network community is waiting for you!

Are you an organic farmer interested in direct sales? Do you have a local organic store and want to begin Would you like to start a business in this field? Visit us on www.biofoodnetwork.es or write at info@biofoodnetwork.es.

Join Biofood Network®!
The organic food movement…
The small organic farmer, maker and retailer digitalisation…
Join the end of poisoned land and food…

Le’ts redraw together hollowed out Spain!

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