OPTA Europe is an association with permanent headquarters in Brussels, uniting companies and associations with a large experience in the areas of organic processing and trade from across the EU and key non-EU partner countries. OPTA Europe’s mission is to defend the interest of members in all EU areas related to organic processing and trade. Through our advocacy activities, we aim at contributing to a food and farming system where organic is the norm. Information on our 2023 agenda follows.


Implementation of the new organic regulation: A brand new organic regulation has applied since 2022. We will monitor implementation and will submit our ideas on the secondary legislation to come, as well as on updates of the rules for processed food.

Sustainable Food Systems: A legislative framework for a Union Sustainable Food System will be proposed by the European Commission in 2023. Depending on how ‘sustainable food’ is defined and measured, this policy may bring new opportunities but also enormous challenges for organic companies.

Nutrition labelling: An EU proposal to introduce standardized mandatory front-of-pack nutrition labelling is expected soon. OPTA Europe will defend a nutritional measurement that takes into account the main benefits of organic processing, namely the preservation of the true nature of the product.

Trade and international Agreements on Organic Equivalence: The European Union is renegotiating organic equivalence agreements with 11 countries. These negotiations are a tremendous opportunity to increase the trade in organics and to make life easier for importers and exporters. For example, by ensuring reciprocal access to export markets and by moving towards convergence of organic standards, which eliminates the need to meet multiple standards and certifications to trade organic products in different markets.

Benefits of becoming a member of OPTA: You will get your voice heard by helping to shape OPTA’s positions on European initiatives impacting your core activity, get access to a well established network of key professionals and players in the EU organic supply chain, increase your company’s potential through analysis and intelligence gathering on current and planned policy initiatives, have direct access to, and exchanges with, European policymakers and leading EU-level players through OPTA events and meetings.

Author: Aurora Abad, OPTA Association Manager

Published in the BIOFACH & VIVANESS 2023 Bio Eco Actual Special Edition.

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