It was 1979 when Christopher Dawson moved to Japan to deepen his knowledge of different agricultural systems. There he fell in love with the people, the food and the culture and decided to make Japan his home for the next 18 years. He worked with local producers to help them meet international organic standards and bring their products to a much wider international audience. With a mission to make quality organic food accessible to everyone and to showcase the benefits and abundance of an organic, plant-based diet, he founded Clearspring in 1993. Since then, the brand’s award-winning ranges have been enjoyed around the world.

Clearspring 30 años
Maria Dawson, Commercial Director at Clearspring.

Clearspring has come a very long way since we first started in 1993, when we offered just a few specialist organic Japanese products. Today we offer over 280 products across 29 categories which includes organic Japanese specialties alongside Organic Italian oils, snacks, pasta and nut butters. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to great tasting products, made with wholefood ingredients that are organic and plant based”, explains Maria Dawson, daughter of the founder and Commercial Director at Clearspring.

Pioneers in Japanese specialities and premium organic food, the brand offers organic products made using timeless recipes and traditional methods. From their offices in West London, the Clearspring team travels the world in search of high quality products that meet exacting standards. They assess the purity of ingredients and organic manufacturing practices of each product to deliver nutrient-rich products, free from artificial additives and refined sugars.

From the first miso soups, to the extensive range of certified organic products the brand is launching today, Clearspring continues to innovate to keep its ranges growing. “We are very keen to invite more people to discover the great taste of Clearspring. One way we are doing this is through increased investment in new product development, creating unique products and recipe blends while always respecting traditions and maintaining food integrity,” says Maria Dawson.

Three decades after its birth, Clearspring’s mission and goal remain the same: “to work and play each day to convert an acre of land back to organic”.

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