The International Day of Natural Cosmetics on 23 November 2023 will focus on good practices and awareness about natural and organic cosmetics.

International Day of Natural Cosmetics

How to get involved in the International Day of Natural Cosmetics 2023

NATRUE wants to educate on what makes natural cosmetics special and why it is important to #chooseTrueBeauty. To this end, NATRUE is calling for participation in the event. All kinds of activities are welcomed – from a webinar to an organized visit to your company fields or an in-person conference!

NATRUE has prepared a presentation that includes all you need to know about the Day. The objective is to encourage producers, manufacturers, and distributors of natural and organic cosmetics, as well as organizations and individuals to promote the benefits -for both people and planet – of truly natural cosmetics, and inspire us all to #choosetruebeauty.

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