Ékolo, specialists in processing fresh organic fruit straight from the field, will be participating in the upcoming edition of the Nordic Organic Food Fair, which will take place at MalmöMässan, Malmö, Sweden, on November 15th and 16th, presenting their juices, jams, fruit purées, vegetable preserves, and extra virgin olive oil.

ékolo100% Fresh Fruit

Ékolo’s natural and organic juices are obtained exclusively from 100% fresh organic fruit. This fruit is selected and processed using traditional methods that ensure that its original aromas and properties are fully preserved.

The fruit is cold-pressed, decanted and pasteurised at a minimum temperature. This process guarantees its food safety compared to other alternatives and preserves its natural organoleptic properties. The juices are packaged in 100% recyclable and harmless glass bottles, guaranteeing that the product is not polluted in any way.

Ékolo’s natural juice is not made from concentrate and contains no additives (sugar, preservatives, or water). This fruit comes directly from the field and does not go through refrigeration chambers. Just pressed and bottled, it’s the closest thing to making juice at home.

Ékolo will attend the next edition of the Nordic Organic Food Fair (15th and 16th November in Malmö, Sweden)

Natural jams

Ékolo jams are totally natural. They are made without preservatives, artificial colourings or any other additives, and have a smooth consistency with no fruit pieces. They contain 70% fruit, a much higher amount than conventional brands that usually do not exceed 50%. Furthermore, they are made with organic cane sugar and use the whole piece of fruit, concentrating all its properties.

Its portfolio also includes the new fruit purées made from organic fruit 100% and its distinguished fried tomato sauce.

Ékolo’s products have been certified with the Spanish, French, German and European organic labels. They also have the International Food Standard (IFS) certificate, which also guarantees the food safety of all its products,

Futher information available at www.ekolo.uk

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