In an era marked by growing environmental consciousness and pursuit of healthier lifestyles, the demand for natural and organic products has seen a significant increase. The downside is that this phenomenon has opened the door for many cosmetic brands to join the trend by labelling their products as “natural” or “organic” when in fact they are not. This phenomenon, called greenwashing, remains a risk for manufacturers and consumers. In an attempt to tackle this situation, showcase industry best-practices for sustainability, and defend truly natural and organic cosmetics, NATRUE launched in 2022 the International Day of Natural Cosmetics on 23 November. This annual event not only highlights the importance of natural beauty products, but also sheds light on NATRUE’s efforts to maintain transparency, trust, and sustainability within the cosmetics industry.

International Day of Natural Cosmetics

The International Day of Natural Cosmetics: origin and significance

The International Day of Natural Cosmetics, championed by NATRUE, is a day of celebration, inspiration and awareness. The event, held annually on 23rd November, symbolises NATRUE’s founding principles of transparency, reliability and dedication to preserving the real natural and organic beauty industry. This day aims to emphasize the importance for consumers to be able to make informed choices when it comes to natural and organic cosmetic products, urges manufacturers to ensure they account for the social and environmental impact of their products, and inspire sustainable innovation within the sector.

Key objectives of the International Day of Natural Cosmetics

  1. Raise awareness: The main goal of the event is to create awareness about the benefits of natural and organic cosmetics and inspire and motivate both the beauty industry and the beauty consumer, fostering a mindset shift towards truly natural or organic alternatives. This awareness empowers consumers to make conscious decisions that support sustainable practices.
  2. Promoting transparency: The day serves as a platform to educate consumers about the significance of ingredient transparency. NATRUE-certified products adhere to strict ingredient guidelines, ensuring that consumers are well-informed about the components included in their cosmetics.
  3. Encouraging sustainable choices: By celebrating natural and organic cosmetics, the event encourages shoppers to choose products that prioritize the environment and ethical sourcing. NATRUE’s certification ensures that products are not only natural or organic but also that elements from ingredient origin and sourcing to biodegradability and packaging concerns are addressed to minimize environmental impact.
  4. Supporting ethical practices: NATRUE’s certification standards encompass not only the ingredients but also the ethical practices associated with cosmetic production. This day highlights the importance of respecting nature, our planet’s biodiversity, and fostering fair trade practices within the cosmetics industry – which is precisely what NATRUE promotes.
  5. Fostering innovation: The International Day of Natural Cosmetics also provides a platform for cosmetic brands and manufacturers to showcase their innovations in the natural and organic beauty sector. This stimulates the development of new and exciting products that align with consumer demands for both efficacy and ethical responsibility.

How to get involved in the 2023’s edition

NATRUE believes it’s time to give the industry the recognition and value it deserves at all levels in their own voice. For this reason, this year NATRUE is shining the light on the sector inviting stakeholders to participate by leading the way and creating their own campaign to promote natural and organic cosmetics. The canvas is your creativity!

NATRUE launched in 2022 the International Day of Natural Cosmetics on 23 November

So, for example, if you are a cosmetics brand owner and you have a brilliant idea to raise awareness of your brand, you can participate! The same if you are an influencer and want to organise a chat with your followers to talk about natural cosmetics. Whoever you are, any initiative is more than welcome! Possibilities are limitless.

Once you have the idea, all you should do is register your project on the NATRUE website ( and the association will take care of promoting your initiative. All the initiatives, as well as more examples of initiatives that you can launch are available here.

NATRUE’s Social Media Campaign

Whether or not you have submitted an initiative, NATRUE also invites you to participate in its social media campaign on 23 November. On that Day, feel free to post a reel on Instagram, or a TikTok where you, together with your friends, your family and your co-workers, show something related to natural and organic cosmetics.

It can be just a comment on what you like the most about natural cosmetics, or some key points on how you fight against greenwashing, why sustainability is important to you or even an explanation of why you choose truly natural cosmetics. Do not forget to use the following hashtags: #dayofnoc and #choosetruebeauty and to mention @natrue_aisbl. Let’s fill the social networks with the benefits of natural cosmetics and motivate as many people as possible to buy natural and organic together!

Understanding NATRUE: a beacon of natural cosmetics

NATRUE is an international non-profit association committed to promoting and protecting natural and organic cosmetics to the benefit of consumers worldwide. Created in 2007 by the pioneers of the natural beauty industry in Europe, the association advocates to keep greenwashing from the shelves through better regulation of claims – like natural and organic – hand-in-hand with the necessary protections for the supply, development and use of natural ingredients. In 2008, the NATRUE label was created with the aim of providing consumers with clear guidelines and a label they can trust for identifying genuine natural and organic cosmetic products. The label criteria are guaranteed through third-party certification by independent, accredited bodies as a reliable marker of trust.

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