In today’s conscious consumer landscape, transparency and quality steer purchasing decisions. The journey toward embracing natural cosmetics usually begins with a positive first experience, but for an average consumer, today’s unregulated market can be difficult to navigate. For the natural sector, labelling plays a crucial role in consumer education, as well as elevating industry standards and contributing to the industry’s overall growth and advancement.

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Irene Atance, the founder of Go Cirkulär, one of the awarded brands in 2023. Copyright Surr Studio

As a consumer can already count on existing certifications to ensure the naturality of a product, the European Natural Beauty Awards (ENBA) brings a new point of view to the table and represents the overall consumer experience. By guiding consumers to find Europe’s finest natural cosmetic products, ENBA offers clarity and simplifies the decision-making process for consumers – with a touch of luxury. A panel of international stars, voices of European consumers, rigorously assesses shortlisted products for four months before the award ceremony. To enter for consideration, a product must contain a minimum of 99% natural ingredients and be made in Europe.

Instead of the previous editions’ competitive product vs product model, the 2024 edition of the European Natural Beauty Awards will embrace a new paradigm — where a product will be evaluated for overall quality standards. All the cosmetics products that reach a pre-set point level, qualify for the excellency label of ENBA.

New to this edition, an expert panel composed of industry experts, such as cosmetic chemists and beauty buyers, will highlight and award the most innovative and sustainable products of the year. This shift reflects the dynamism of the industry across Europe and provides retailers and consumers with a broader curated selection of top-tier natural cosmetics.

The participation of stars as representatives of consumer preferences adds a layer of influence. We want ENBA to serve also as a tool for natural brands to amplify their visibility and pique broader interest. Natural brands dedicated to excellence are invited to submit the brand registration for the 2024 awards by April 30. The 2024 awards ceremony will be organised on October 9, 2024. Mark your calendars!

Author: Satu Mäkinen, European Natural Beauty Awards Founder

Published in the BIOFACH & VIVANESS 2024 Bio Eco Actual Special Edition.

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