Nature Bio Foods, one of the world’s leading suppliers of organic food ingredients, launches TraceOrigin 360 and Humans of Organic, two innovative bets for traceability that aim to create connections between consumers and the origins of organic food. Both projects were presented at the last edition of BIOFACH and were received with great success.

Nature Bio Foods

Traceability, transparency and connectivity

Get to know at first hand and through an immersive experience the regions of origin and the producers behind the food we eat, the route taken by the raw materials, as well as the facilities where they are processed. TraceOrigin 360 enables us to witness the journey of ingredients from field to final destination like never before. Just by scanning a QR code, virtual reality provides actionable data, offering information on certifications, organic production statistics, crop details and even the cultural significance of the area of origin.

This traceability and transparency tool not only provides information about the path that food has taken, but also empowers consumers with the knowledge they need to make informed and conscious decisions about the organic products they buy. The initiative is an evolution of the TraceOrigin platform, a digital solution launched by Nature Bio Foods a year ago, combining advanced technology and a deep commitment to organic integrity.

The power of storytelling

In order to show not only the agricultural aspects, but also the human experiences involved in the organic movement, Nature Bio Foods also delves into the lives of the people who are part of the organic movement through the Humans of Organic initiative. Interviews, first-hand narratives and photoblogs take us on a journey through India and Africa, with the aim to discover the first-hand stories of the organic producers, the joys and challenges they face on a daily basis, and the collective story of the organic movement. The testimonies are shared through social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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