Event organisers Diversified Communications, behind the highly successful Nordic Organic Food Fair, has launched The Good Food Fair, which will take place for the first time in Stockholm on 9- 10 October at Kistamässan.

The Good Food Fair

The new area will co-locate with the Nordic Organic Food Fair, which is renowned for attracting a wide range of retail and foodservice professionals looking to source the best new certified organic products for their businesses. The Good Food Fair will include food and drink products that are ethically sourced or hold sustainable credentials – other than organic.

Event Director Melina Viking says: “With a commitment to sustainability, The Good Food Fair is set to present a diverse range of ethically sourced products, from Fairtrade to B-Corp certified and plant based to artisanal award-winners. The new show area is designed to empower buyers to cater to the conscious consumer. This initiative not only nurtures positive changemaking but also welcomes a wave of new brands, products, and cutting-edge innovations to the show.

The Nordic Organic Food Fair & The Good Food Fair will take place on 9-10 October

“Co-located with the Nordic Organic Food Fair, the new area will support the growing need for sustainable food and beverages in our ever-changing landscape of science and culinary innovations. Organic is part of the solution, and we take pride in hosting a successful edition in Stockholm for 2024!”

With the 2024 plans now well underway, brands already booked into The Good Food Fair include DAVA Foods, Sonnentor, Biofood, Wiik & Co, WellWell, MadeGood, and Divera Foods.

Nordic Organic Food Fair & The Good Food Fair

The Nordic Organic Food Fair & The Good Food Fair will take place on 9-10 October at its new venue Kistamässan in Stockholm alongside the Natural Beauty & Natural Health Show (previously Eco Living Scandinavia).

The show is set to welcome the biggest retailers in Scandinavia, including Dansk Supermarked, Lidl, ICA Sverige AB, Hälsokraft, Axfood, Coop, Dagrofa Foodservice, Grøn fokus, Life Europe AB, Magasin DU Nord, Medica Nord, Midsona, Netto DK, Nomeco, Nordic Premium Group, Planet Organic, Salling Group, Sunkost, and Wolt Market Denmark.

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