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L'Euro Fulla és el segell de certificació vàlid a tot Europa, que garanteix que un aliment és ecològic.

IFOAM EU, Brussels, 13 June 2017 – Yesterday’s meeting of the Council of Agriculture Ministers did not change the opinion of the organic sector on the current draft text for a new organic regulation. As no new content has been presented, our organizations still question the real added value and the technical soundness of the proposal.

After five years of negotiating, organic operators and EU citizens deserve a regulation that is readable, consistent and easy to implement on the ground.

Postponing the discussion on controversial topics might be a way to reach a political agreement – but at what cost?

Many of the items presented as improvements to the existing legislation – including group certification, protein feed, compliance in import and others – could be easily applied to the current legislation through implementing regulations.

If, by the end of June, the text is not substantially improved and doesn’t provide the expected added value, the Organic Movement, Organic Certifiers and the Fair Trade Movement ask the Member States, the European Parliament and the European Commission to work on developing the current legislation. The current legislation can be made fit to support the development of the organic sector and help organic operators in their hard work in delivering high quality food and public benefits for society.

IFOAM EU, EOCC and FTAO remain constructive and will send suggestions on how to improve the legislation, to ensure it creates the right conditions for the development of organic farming across the EU, in line with its principles.