This month will be held in Moscow the 8th international exhibition EcoCityExpo. Mark the dates of March 30-31 in your calendar and plan a visit to the main eco-event in Russia in spring.

The 8th International Exhibition EcoCityExpo, a specialized exhibition of ecologically clean, natural and organic products, is a unique event for Russia.

The aim of EcoCityExpo is to bring together on one platform manufacturers, retailers and consumers of natural goods, products and services.

First trade exhibition EcoCityExpo was successfully held in April 2013 and was the first such project in Russia. It clearly demonstrated an interest in the subject, both from end-users, as well as from the professionals of still young in Russia, but a rapidly growing industry.

Exhibitors at EcoCityExpo

  • EcоFood | Manufacturers and distributors of ecoproducts, natural and organic food and beverages Eco-farmers
  • EcоBeauty | Manufacturers and distributors of natural cosmetics and eco-clothes
  • EcоHouse | Manufacturers and distributors of Natural household cleaners and cleaning funds and eco-furniture
  • EcоChildren | Manufacturers and distributors of ecoproducts for children


The unique concept of EcoCityExpo is a combination of two target groups of visitors. The participants of the exhibition will have the opportunity to establish business contacts with the professionals of eco-industry, representatives of Russian retail and wholesale organizations, distributors of ecoproducts. They also can present their products to a consumer audience, tending to a green lifestyle.

Events program

Traditionally a rich business program is held in framework of the exhibition.

The first day is dedicated to B2B sector and is always attended by top executives of international, federal and regional retail chains, corporate executives, manufacturers and distributors of environmental friendly and organic products, representatives of the authorities, associations and experts.

For end-users will be offered an interesting program of useful and informative workshops and seminars that help to understand the ecoproducts and make their lives more eco-friendly and healthy.

The exhibition is supported by:

  • Department for Natural Resources Management and Environmental Protection of Moscow
  • The Retail Companies Association
  • Russian Union of Independent Retail Networks

The EcoCityExpo is an ideal platform to present products to a broad audience, to exchange experience with colleagues, find new business partners and discover the current trends of the industry.

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