In view of its success, the Natexpo tradeshow, today a genuine reference event for all organic market players, has now become an annual gathering. The 2018 show will be held for the first time in Lyon, at the heart of a leading region for organic production, on 23 and 24 September in Hall 4 of Eurexpo.

To help organic professionals, whether visitors or exhibitors, to gain further insight into the future of the market, learn all the latest news from the sector and identify the latest trends and new solutions, but also to facilitate exchange between professionals, a multitude of show features will be organised throughout the duration of the show: talks, demonstrations, theme areas, workshops, forums, etc. These will give them all the right pointers to the best way to develop their business.

Among the 10 show features and theme areas on offer at the show, Lyon will be hosting two new initiatives:

  • Regional Focus: a seminar area open to inter-branch organisations, federations and regional clusters.
  • Retail Expert: a speed dating space for meetings between retail specialists and the future founders of organic shops in search of valuable advice.

The varied and stimulating feature programme at Natexpo is a truly precious aid for visitors.

At the 2017 edition, 89% of visitors found new suppliers at the show and 89% discovered new products

With 650 exhibitors expected from France and abroad, the thousands of visitors due to attend will have the opportunity to discover the latest trends, the organic expertise and the products of today and tomorrow from France and around the world, all in one single venue.

Indeed, one of Natexpo’s specificities is that it brings together all of the sectors concerned by organic products, ranging from food to hygiene products and ingredients. It attracts all the leading names from the French and global organic sector, together with market newcomers.

Focus on new solutions and market innovations

2018 NATEXPO Awards Area: rewarding the best innovations!

As a true showcase of the best organic innovations of the year, the space is entirely dedicated to the winning products from the 2018 Natexpo Awards. These awards, open to all market players (whether exhibiting at the show or not), from manufacturing and production, acknowledge the most innovative, useful, practical and original products launched in 2018.

A judging panel made up of professionals, journalists and experts is tasked with designating the prize winners in seven categories: Grocery Products, Fresh Products, Beverages, Health Food, Dietary Supplements, Cosmetics and Hygiene Products, Household and Personal Products and Services. The 2018 winners will be announced at the press conference on 15 June.

The New Product Gallery: a temple of innovation!

The New Product Gallery is a strategic space located at the exhibition entrance. Visitors can enjoy an exclusive preview of exhibitors’ innovations, with a hundred products displayed there.

Natexbio Forum

Through 8 mini talks organised by NATEXBIO, the French federation of organic processors and retailers, this forum will offer visitors an economic and statistical update on the organic market and its potential. A wide range of themes will be addressed over the two days of the show: regulations, nutrition, social media, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), organic wine, etc.

Retail Expert

– NEW IN 2018 – In association with Synadis BIO, this speed dating area for meetings between retail specialists and future founders of organic stores will enable them to receive valuable advice in setting up their business: certification, finance, merchandising, etc

Retail Forum

A round table open to retailers and wholesalers to discuss retail challenges.

Dietary Supplement Forum

In association with SYNADIET, this space will allow buyers and sellers to learn the latest news from the sector.

Dietary Supplements Forum- Talks programme
• Organic dietary supplements: at a regulatory crossroads
• The Dietary Supplement market
• Regulation of claims: on a pack, in an advert, in-store, what can we say about products?
• Vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free: what dietary supplements for needs?
• Deciphering the labelling of a dietary supplement
• Stress, digestion, vitality, joints: what dietary supplements for what purpose?
• Essential oils: precautions to be taken for their safe use
• What place for dietary supplements in illness prevention and maintaining good health?
• Spirulina, harpagophytum, curcuma, etc: the latest trending ingredients.

The Cosmetic Innovations Forum: wellness and beauty centre stage!

In association with Cosmébio®2, the trade association for eco-friendly and organic cosmetics, this space is entirely dedicated to beauty and wellness. It brings together a range of features dealing with the cosmetics innovations of exhibitors. Sector professionals will thus be invited to attend talks conducted by Cosmébio® and its certification subsidiary COSMECERT and take part in workshops, test products, be pampered, etc.

The Cosmetics Innovations Forum programme of talks and workshops

• Purchasing behaviour of consumers of natural and organic cosmetics in specialist organic stores, by COSMEBIO.
• COSMECERT, new certification body for your natural and organic cosmetics COSMEBIO member brands will present their innovations:
• Le Chêne et Le Roseau: the strength of an SME deployed for a new brand, by COMPAGNIE DU MIDI
• The Sensitive Skin Market, by FLORAME
• Powdered shampoo and Shower powder: two Cosm’Ethic innovations by GUAYAPI
• Natural cosmetics from the salt marshes, by GUERANDE COSMETICS
• Buying organic is never been so easy, by PHARMEDISTORE
• Organic snail slime, a new form of self-care, by ROYER COSMETIQUE
Make-up workshops will be organised by brands BO.HO GREEN and COULEUR CARAMEL, along with Discovery Workshops to discover and test the products of innovative brands: Ayda, Cosmoz, Anne Felker, Phytema, les Happycuriennes, NoireÔNaturel, Onlyess, Luness, Marlay, Omum, Samélie Plantes, Sarmance, Secret des Fées, Toofruit…

Organic Trends Forum

Visitors can take advantage of this space for exclusive exchange with a large number of experts. Organised in association with BIOLINÉAIRES, wide number of subjects will be addressed through talks and presentations.

Organic Trends Forum Feature programme

Consumer trends
Alternative consumption: ethical, organic, vegan… What are consumers looking for, how does this consumption work, how can it be anticipated and capitalised upon? Bio Panel

Retail trends
• The organic market tomorrow: what place for mass retail and for organic stores? Ecozept
• Bulk selling, a dynamic market undergoing structural organisation Célia Rennesson –Réseau Vrac
– Bulk: a response to consumer requirements today
– Bulk: challenges for stores and manufacturers
• Cooperative and participative supermarkets pending confirmation

Product trends
New generation organic products for the 2020s: more fun, more committed, closer to us. Sauveur Fernandez

Society trends
Organic “made in somewhere”: new proximity, for organic products pinpointed with roots: the local trend decoded and explained in detail, with its consequences on the product offering, manufacturing process, the food supply chain, etc. Sauveur Fernandez

Cosmetic trends
Pending confirmation

Regional Focus

– NEW IN 2018 – Regional Focus is a space open to inter-branch organisations, federations and regional clusters. It is a forum for expression and a series of talks and presentations which will offer a speaking platform to French regions.

Programme of talks

Themes addressed by CLUSTER BIO (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes):
• Organic and young people
• Organic food and commercial catering, in association with Grand Lyon
• Organic fields: presentation of Plan Bio with Coop de France

Themes addressed by FRIAA PACA:
Calculating product environmental footprint: focus on the European project PEFMED.

Following the experimentation of environmental labelling in 2018, the European commission is working on the development and deployment of a harmonised multi-criteria European methodology to calculate the product environmental footprint (PEF) of products and organisations. CRITT, a member of the network Food In Provence Alpes-Côte-d’Azur, is a partner of the European project PEFMED and is at the disposal of firms to answer the questions on the subject. Estelle Marin, CRITT Agroalimentaire de Provence- Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

Segmentation of organic consumers in the NutriNet Santé cohort
The aim is to provide information on the characteristics of organic consumers (reasons for purchasing and attitudes to organic products), on what they consume and on the potential benefits in nutritional, toxicological, and health terms. Bruno Taupier-Letage from Itab; member of RMT Actia TransfoBio

• Val Bio Ouest, the 100% organic regional cluster to help you set up
• The Bio Sud Ouest France brand, organic products which are both local and fair-trade – yes we can!
• Fair Trade Organic Wine: the first charter guaranteeing quality and fairtrade wine.

2nd Organic Ingredient Forum

Following on from the success of the first edition at Natexpo 2017 in Paris, the Organic Ingredient Forum will be back at the Lyon show! It will be held at the heart of the new “Ingredients and Raw Materials” sector of the fair.

A panel of experts and organic market players will come together throughout the two days of the show to discuss current trends and challenges in the organic sector: supply chain, quality, innovation, regulation and use of resources. Securing supplies in terms of quality and quantity is a key issue for many firms in the organic sector today.

Organic Ingredient Forum feature programme

Organic ingredients: alternatives for innovation
Two focuses on major themes: fermented food and ingredients (other themes to be confirmed. With Gaëlle Frémont, INGREBIO and contributions from suppliers.

Tools to develop manufactured organic products
RMT Actia TransfoBio will present new tools to assist with the production of organic products (in particular for formulation and formation). Audrey Lesturgeon, Technical Adviser, Nutrition and Organic Products, CRITT PACA.

Financing projects to structure international organic sectors
The procedures to structurally organise organic sectors are costly in both human and financial terms and are not always easy for SMEs to fund. Ben Hoppenstedt will present one of the possibilities for the co-funding of corporate programs to structure organic sectors in developing countries and thus secure supplies. Ben Hoppenstedt, Development economist at ECOPRODEV and contributions from two companies.

Nutritional quality of plant protein: how much do we really know about these ingredients?
The diversity of plant protein requires research for several years to come to describe their structure, define the applications and optimise their nutritional value. In addition to their content, it is necessary to study their profile in terms of amino acids, the presence of anti-nutritional factors or the impact of processes (matrix effect). Emilie Chanséaume, Nutrition project manager, NUTRIFIZZ

Gluten-free products: a sustainable innovation trend? A scientist’s view.
The gluten-free market is mainly aimed at three types of consumers. Depending on the profile, people have different gluten tolerance levels, requiring products to be formulated in accordance with the target. Certain varieties of wheat might, for example, contain gluten which is more digestible for sensitive people. Other avenues for innovation with alternative ingredients will be addressed. Emilie Chanséaume, Nutrition project manager, NUTRIFIZZ

Building and securing an organic ingredient purchasing strategy
Jean-Christophe Briet, Organic and CSR Purchasing Consultant, SWOTT

Organic flavouring: progress and regulatory challenges
Claire Dimier-Vallet, Project manager, SYNABIO and a contribution from flavouring alternatives

Regulatory revision of appendix IX: authorised non-organic agricultural ingredients
Claire Dimier-Vallet, Project manager, SYNABIO

A new certification for organic cosmetics
With Nicolas Bertrand, Director, COSMEBIO

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