Established as the only event dedicated to certified organic food and drink in the Nordic region – food buyers, retailers and foodservice professional from across Scandinavia (over 5000 expected) will be among the first to discover the latest organic food and drink innovations from around the world – many launching for the first time at the show.

Nordic Organic Food Fair 2018: a taste of what are the new trends in the organic sector

Returning to MalmöMässan, in Sweden, on 14-15 November, here’s just a taste of the latest certified organic food and drink products on offer at Nordic Organic Food Fair.

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PEZ International GmbH (stand J21) is previewing its very first porridge to go in pouches.  GoKids porridge is an ideal ‘protein source’ offering an innovative and healthy snack item for active kids.  Enjoyed at any time, without cooking or cooling, it has no additives and is squeeze-packed, making it less messy for children (Austria).

Cocofina (stand J47) is launching creamy Organic Vegan Hazelnut Chocolate Spread at the show.  Made with organic hazelnuts, cocoa, Cocofina coconut nectar, coconut and sunflower oil, it’s described as ‘beautifully thick’ and ‘rich’, but ‘not overly sweet’ (UK).

London Tea Exchange (stand C71) is introducing its organic energy drink, made with natural caffeine and antioxidants from bioavailable Matcha green tea.  It has a naturally high caffeine content and a mango-citrus-flavour and is certified vegan, gluten free, Bio & EU organic (Sweden).

Hedoné (stand H13J) is launching its special extra virgin olive oil with vitamins B12 and D, as a result of a natural process.  It’s made without hydrogenated or trans fats and is gluten-free and GMO-free.  Flavours in the range include: basil, ginger, truffle, coriander and vanilla – which are ideal for dressings (Greece).

Maria of Lapland (stand J75) is introducing its organic glühwein range (mulled wine), made with Arctic ingredients.  The glühwein quartet includes ‘Polar’, made with fresh spruce shoots picked in the Arctic spring, and ‘Aurora’ – its bestselling wild blueberry glühwein flavoured with real Madagaskar vanilla (Finland).

Zotter Chocolates (stand G61E) is introducing its new ‘Sting’ Red Edition of handmade chocolate.  Made with chocolate ganache, raisons soaked in blackcurrant and a dash of grappa, this bitter dark chocolate contains red wine, made in the organic Il Palagio vineyard, owned by rock-legend Sting (Austria).

Bees for Hope (stand J45) is launching its certified fair trade and organic Atamisqui honey and wildflower honey.  Bees for Hope was founded in partnership with a local Argentinean co-operative to support beekeepers and to sell their honey in Europe through specialized outlets (Argentina).

Renuka Agri Foods PLC (stand K1) is introducing its Trenute Ayurvedic Wellness teas, made with awakening herbal blends to promote relaxation, calmness and tranquility of the mind.  These blends come with an organic cinnamon stir-stick to create a sweet and spicy taste (Sri Lanka).

Paprika Los Novios is launching its gourmet organic paprika spice, that’s made from ‘red ball’ capsicum annuum peppers.  This genuine variety of bright red-colored peppers provides a deep aroma, which only grows in Murcia, in the southeast of Spain.  Packed in eo-packaging that is 100% recyclable, it’s also gluten, GMO free, and vegan friendly (Spain).

Pletterbauer – Fine Vienna (stand G61C) is introducing Biofiture, organic fruit jam, made with 70% fruit and reduced sugar.  Ideal for foodservice professionals, portions are available in 20g packs and 28g glass jars – in raspberry, cherry, apricot and strawberry (Austria).

Nordic Organic Food Fair 2018: a taste of what are the new trends in the organic sector

Do-It Dutch Org.Intern.Trade (stand G17) is launching Amaizin’s organic Tex Mex range, including its new Taco shells with taco and fajita seasoning and Mexican taco sauces in hot, mild and jalapenos peppers.  Also showcasing: wraps and nacho corn chips with dipping sauces (The Netherlands).

La Boulangère & Co (stand E93C) is launching its organic brioche burger bun.  A new burger bun with a very soft brioche texture that is already sliced for more convenience, and the pack is resealable to keep the product fresh (France).

Polskie Wody Lecznicze (stand B36) is introducing its ‘healing waters’ that contains natural iodine.  Rich in microelements and bio-elements, they can be used in balneology, for drinking and bathing (Poland).

Almdudler (stand G61F) is launching its range of organic soft drink sodas in Lemon, Ginger and Rhubarb.  Made without preservatives, the lemon is naturally cloudy, is vegan friendly and made from controlled organic cultivation (Austria).

Indi & Co Organic Drinks (H13E) is launching its new organic artisan range of tonic waters with aromatic flavours.  Made with a technique of maceration and distillation to make totally natural, balanced mixers, variants include: Water, Lemon, and Strawberry Tonics, Ginger Ale, Ginger Beer, Cola, and Seville Orange (Spain).

Sonnentor (stand F25) is introducing its new barbecue seasoning six-pack of spices.  Flavours include: Smokey Paprika, Smokey Salt, Holy Veggie, Fish & Chicks, Steak That and Rub me Tender (Austria).

Sucesores de Hermanos López (stand H13D) is promoting Morellana Organic Monovarietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil in three varieties. Morellana has been awarded as one of the best organic olive oil in the world by the German organization World’s Best Olive Oil (Spain).

Chèvrardennes (stand G84) is showcasing ‘Pearls of Chevrardennes’ goats’ cheese, seen as unique by their small round forms (5g) – it can be eaten as an appetizer or used in larger dishes (Belgium).

Trouw BV (stand D60) is showcasing tis organic quinoa from Bolivia, including red quinoa, duo colour quinoa, puffed quinoa, quinoa flakes, and many more.  Also showcasing a variety of pulses, lentils and grains (The Netherlands).

Marianna’s (stand E21B) is introducing its new organic and hand-made phyllo-style pies to the Nordic market, made with feta PDO and/or fresh spinach.  Marianna’s specialises in tasty, organic, traditional Greek food and the range is already present in Sweden and 15 more countries (Greece).

Germinal Bio (stand H65) is exhibiting its range of organic, vegan, and gluten-free products crackers’. Products include: Chickpea & Rice Mini Crackers, Rosemary Mini Crackers, Tomato & Basil Crackers, Quinoa & Turmeric crackers, and Quinoa & Chia seeds Crackers (Italy).

Soria Natural S.A. (stand J27) is presenting its canary grass seed drink, one of our most valued and unique products within their wide range of foods (with one-year shelf-life), free from any preservatives, and maintaining all the nutritional characteristics of canary grass.  Also showcasing its organic barbecue veggie burger (Spain).

Goodio (stand K24) is promoting its recently launched ChocOat chocolate.  Made with coconut palm sugar and instead of milk, the product contains Finnish organic oats, making it dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan.  Made up of 24% oats and 60% less sugar than traditional milk chocolate (Finland).

BioSüdtirol (stand H71) is presenting its new variety of organic apples, that are slightly acid, juicy and crisp to eat (Italy).

Gaia’s Foods (stand G21D) is presenting Oh! Gaia healthy bites.  These snack balls are pure raw, organic, GMO-free, gluten-free, soya-free and lactose-free and made without colours, preservatives and sugar.   They contain only super foods, dried nuts and fruits and are available in five flavors: Antioxidant, Apple-Cinnamon, Choco-Spirulina, Mediterranean, and Omega-3 & Omega-6 (Greek).

Good Goût (stand K66) is promoting Crunchy Baby Squares, made with a blend of organic cereals, leguminous, and a dash of milk.  This snack for babies comes in three flavours: Banana, Coconut or Mango (France).

Stevia Hellas Cooperative (stand F21G) is promoting its locally cultivated stevia leaves, for retail, wholesale and industry use.  The stevia leaves come in whole, crushed or powdered, crystal, and pure.  Setvia has antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging properties and is widely used as a replacement for sugar (Greece).

IMS Höllinger GmbH (stand G61A) is showcasing its Lavender flower sprizz, a refreshing drink with low sugar, and its Lavender flower syrup, which is refreshingly flowery with a lemon note (Austria).

Organic Bakery Zemanka (stand J27) is promoting its biscuits made with red lentil flour. The main advantage of red lentil flour compared to classic flour is it contains more protein, fiber and other nutrients and tastes neutral.  It is naturally gluten free and ideal for celiacs (Czech Republic).

Straikas (stand K18) is exhibiting its Sip Sap birch tree water.  Known for centuries, the birch sap is collected only in certified organic forests at the beginning of March and is full of vitamins and minerals (Lithuania).

EcoProLive (stand H55) is a range 100% olive-based delicatessen produce.   Their latest products include Olive Spice and Olive Flour, which are high in dietary fiber (40%) and antioxidant phenolic compounds (5%), that help bring beneficial effects on the intestinal health (Spain).

Eis-Zauberei (stand K92) is showcasing MagicONE, an ice-cream mixing machine that can create nearly every kind of ice cream that’s fresh, low in calories and within seconds, without any waste (Germany).

Aetheleon (stand E21K) is presenting its Greek oregano organic essential oil, with added extra virgin olive oil. Vegan registered, this oil uniquely combines Mediterranean taste with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cardioprotective and neuroprotective properties (Greek).

El Caserío de Tafalla (stand H55A) is presenting its Bio Sweets, including pistachios and unrefined coconut sugar; almonds and rice syrup; and pinenuts and unrefined whole cane sugar. Free from lactose, gluten, GMO, palm oil or derivatives.  Certifications include: V-Vegan, Organic, Gluten Free, and Halal (Spain).

Deanocciola (stand H61) is presenting its hazelnut and chocolate spreads with and without milk – plus pure nut and pure seed butters and custom blend recipes (Italy).

Organic India (stand G56) is presenting its popular range of Tulsi Teas and Ayurvedic Supplements, which are the purest Ayurvedic herbs on the market.  Organic India’s products are fully organic and heavy metal tested and supports farmers with free education, healthcare and society development in India (Sweden).

All-Natural Foods is promoting its dried fruit rings for healthy snacking.  Containing no additives, preservatives, citrus acid, sugar and fat, varieties come in Sweet Apple, Tangy Apple and Pear. Whilst other additional natural flavors include: cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, raspberry and mint (Serbia).

Bafa European Hemp Foods (stand J63) is exhibiting its new hemp protein powder with over 70% complete protein, white color and better solubility in liquids (Germany).

Bärta (stand F87) is presenting its sprouted and fermented burger made from Swedish split-peas that are organic, vegan and gluten-free.  BÄRTA is a new kind of tempeh, that uses traditional Indonesian technique for fermenting soybeans, but instead Swedish split-pea is used in a new unique way (Sweden).

Biologon (stand G61D) is exhibiting BioLifestyle Curcuma Crunchy in Turmeric, a new flavour, that is an ideal breakfast mixed with milk or yogurt, or can be eaten as a snack (Austria).

InovCluster (stand G86) is presenting Bittersweet Honey Vinegar, made from bio honey, as a result of a double fermentation of the honey.  Recently won the Best New Product Award in Natural & Organic Products Europe London, recognising this as an innovative product (Portugal).

La Lémance (stand H81E) is promoting its Organic sterilised goats’ milk to the show.  Ideal as a replacement for cow’s milk, the ecological packaging, with a pouring funnel, fits perfectly in every kitchen shelf.  Stored at ambient temperature before opening, it has a guaranteed shelf life of three months (France).

Delicious and Sons (stand J2) is showcasing Saffron & Orange Aioli, made with traditional Catalan ‘allioli’ recipe with a new flavor of Spanish garlic and sunflower oil blended with Valencia oranges and dried basil.  This aromatic condiment is organic, egg-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and certified vegan (Spain).

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