The 31st edition of SANA, the International Exhibition of Natural and Organic Products, will took place in Bologna from 6 to 9 September 2019. Organised by BolognaFiere, in collaboration with AssoBio and FederBio, with the support of the Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of the territory and the Seas, as well as the ITA, the Italian Trade Agency, SANA 2019 it is much more than a trade fair event: it is the destination for the business connected to the world of organics, the platform for promoting culture and debating topics relevant to the sector, and a venue at which it was possible to meet operators from all over the world.

Sana 2019: More than 900 exhibitors for an event that is even more sustainable

This business-oriented event takes full advantage of the expertise of BolognaFiere, Italy’s second-largest trade fair organiser and one of the leading players in Europe with extensive experience in the organisation of B2B events that are international leaders in their respective sectors.

“Our company,” announced Giampiero Calzolari, President of BolognaFiere, “has accumulated know-how that positions us among the very top players at international level, identifying us as a destination and priority partner for the trade fair business. The International Exhibition of Organic and Natural products is testament to this as can be seen in the constant increases in the numbers of exhibitors and operators attending the event and in an ever more incisive interaction with international buyers. The new features of the 2019 edition further reinforce SANA as a platform for discussion for the organic sector and for debating key themes for the future in economic and environmental terms.”

Three macro sectors, 52,000m2  of exhibition space

Once again this year’s edition of SANA has been organised to involve the broadest possible range of exhibiting companies –more than 900 exhibitors, and will fill a surface area of 52,000 square metres divided into the sectors of:

  • FOOD, the protagonists of which are the leading Italian and international companies involved in the sector of organic food (pavilions 29-30);
  • CARE&BEAUTY is the space dedicated to the producers of: organic and natural cosmetics, body care products, dietary supplements, natural products/ services for personal care (pavilions 25 and 26);
  • GREEN LIFESTYLE presents environmentally friendly technologies, products and solutions for lifestyles that are healthy and responsible (pavilion 28).

Sana 2019: More than 900 exhibitors for an event that is even more sustainable

Conventions, workshops and seminars: debates about organics

The exhibition offer at SANA included a packed line up of conventions, workshops and seminars and an important initiative to promote incoming foreign trade delegations; at the 2018 edition more than 200 meetings were scheduled between exhibiting companies and international buyers.

The presentation of the SANA OBSERVATORY will take place with a focus on the scale of Italian exports of organic food products (curated by Nomisma) as well as other events dedicated to training at the SANA ACADEMY, which in the last edition enjoyed a 27% increase in the number of participants.

‘Plastic Free’

In keeping with the themes at the heart of the event, SANA 2019 it is a “plastic free” event in the restaurant and bar areas, thus further reducing its environmental impact. With a ban on single-use plastic, there was a greater use of glass and biodegradable materials in containers and furnishings; mineral water was supplied freely from special distributors and visitors were able to use reusable water bottles that have been made available for this very purpose.

Also the food and drink options had an emphasis on organics, offering snacks, sandwiches and pastries, pizzas, salads, fruit and drinks, including wines, that are all rigorously organic and supplied in biodegradable containers. These small gestures become meaningful for the environment when they transform into choices that each and every one of us incorporates into our daily lives.

Sana 2019: More than 900 exhibitors for an event that is even more sustainable

From the Green Revolution to the Organic Revolution

At the 2019 edition of SANA the initiative FROM THE GREEN REVOLUTION TO THE ORGANIC REVOLUTION  on 5 and 6 September will acknowledge the Bologna event’s importance for the world of organics. The two days will involve representatives from the organic sector and high level debates that determined the strategic choices for the future of agriculture and essential aspects such as sustainability, respect for the environment and the sound use of resources.

The event promoted by BolognaFiere in collaboration with FederBio and AssoBio aims to encourage a reflection on the role of organics for Italian agriculture and on the correlation between essential factors in key areas, such as biodiversity, safeguarding water and climate change.

On its first day From the Green Revolution to the Organic Revolution will use a multi-disciplinary approach to examine the topics of utmost interest from the perspective of the 2030 scenario for organic agriculture. On the second day there will be space for debates involving the main institutions and the key national and international players in the production chain.

The representatives of the organic sector in Bologna” in parallel with SANA will boost the visibility of the world of organics, reinforcing the event that is an established meeting place at which associations and institutions, experts, operators and companies from the sector meet each year to discuss the topics of greatest importance for the protection of the environment.

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