TP Organics launched its new Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda at the Organic Innovation Days. The Agenda document will serve as a basis to advise the European Commission on Horizon Europe, the EU’s next research & innovation framework programme to succeed Horizon 2020.

TP Organics unveils the organic movement's research & innovation priorities

According to Eduardo Cuoco, Head of TP Organics’ Secretariat “The new Strategic Research Agenda” is a key document until 2027 to ensure that organic research & innovation move forward under Horizon Europe, leading the necessary transition to sustainable food and farming in Europe.”

The new Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda identifies four priority research areas:

  • Moving organics forward: Priorities for the organic sector
  • Climate-resilient, diversified farming systems based on ecological approaches
  • Redesign of food and agricultural policies
  • Sustainable value chains for better food systems

It also spots 29 potential topics to be addressed.

TP Organics is convinced that dedicating appropriate funding to these priority areas will help steer Europe’s food and farming systems towards sustainability, climate resilience and thriving societies. “Research & innovation are crucial to further develop organics and agroecology so that they can inspire and lead wider food systems. To enable the organic sector to support the transformation of food and farming, research & innovation investment needs to step up significantly in Horizon Europe,“ Yulia Barabanova, Senior Research & Innovation Officer of TP Organics pointed out.

TP Organics is one of the 40 European Technology Platforms (ETP) officially recognised by the European Commission. Its mission is to strengthen research & innovation for organics and other agroecological approaches that contribute to sustainable food and farming systems. To achieve this, it unites companies, researchers, farmers, consumers, and civil society organisations active in the organic value chain from production, input & supply to food processing, marketing, and consumption.

The Organic Innovation Days are TP Organics’ annual unique platform to discuss research needs and innovations within and outside the organic sector together with a broad range of stakeholders.

For more information download the summary of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda or visit TP Organics.

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