Over a four-day period once a year BIOFACH, the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food and VIVANESS, the concurrent International Trade for Natural and Organic Cosmetics, bring the entire sector together in Nuremberg.

BIOFACH and VIVANESS Congress 2020: Update and knowledge-sharing for the entire year

The combined trade fair provides a 360° overview of organic food and natural and organic cosmetics not least thanks to its broad-ranging congress, a unique event that is the largest of its kind. The congress programme for 2020 is now online (www.biofach.de/congress and www.vivaness.de/congress) and promises to deliver numerous highlights, high-calibre professional dialogue and networking on a platform that covers all the issues currently driving the sector.

From 12 – 15 February 2020, around 3,500 exhibitors at BIOFACH, and another roughly 300 at VIVANESS, will showcase their solutions to the some 50,000 expected visitors from more than 140 countries. An extra two halls have been added this year to accommodate the event. The BIOFACH and VIVANESS Congress offers more than 150 separate sessions and last year welcomed over 8,000 participants and panellists.

BIOFACH Congress on the theme “Organic delivers!” and many other highlights

“Organic delivers!”, is the congress theme of BIOFACH 2020. This heading covers a range of topics including species diversity, biodiversity, the common good and the protection of soil and water. It will also explore the UN’s sustainability goals along with the question and proposed answers about how the organic system can make a key contribution to achieving them. Other key topics are packaging, market research, international trends and developments and organic legislation, while other aspects like positioning and marketing in the organic sector will also be put under the spotlight.

In 2020, the VIVANESS Congress is the ideal venue for acquiring knowledge and inspiration. The range of topics includes innovations in packaging, the impacts of megatrends on the cosmetic sector and current developments in digital communication. Moreover, the VIVANESS Congress is where the figures and statistics from the sector, for the European and global market, are released every year.

Mildred Steidle, Managing Director Organic Services and Congress Management for BIOFACH and VIVANESS, says: “This time round, rush on congress slots and interest in the BIOFACH and VIVANESS Congress have been greater than ever. The response to the ‘Call for Ideas’, in the form of abstracts and suggested topics, was up by around 25%. The sector is demonstrating in an impressive fashion how vibrant and creative it is. We are looking forward to a successful round of the congress parallel to BIOFACH and VIVANESS from 12 –15 February 2020 and to welcoming all speakers, participants and panellists.”

Danila Brunner, Exhibition Director of BIOFACH and VIVANESS, comments: “We are delighted to be able to offer the international organic food and natural and organic cosmetics sectors genuine added value, not just a mere trading platform, through the BIOFACH and VIVANESS Congress. This is where exhibitors, visitors, politicians and the media can get up to speed about all the latest issues driving the sector. Once a year, in compact form over a four-day period, the congress delivers both a comprehensive overview and a general road map. This is the starting point from which the future of the sector is shaped!”

More information at www.biofach.de/en

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