As a pioneer of organic and vegetarian food for 30 years, Wessanen is best known for its range of organic food brands such as Bjorg, Clipper, Bonneterre, Allos, El Granero Integral and Isola Bio. Now, the company has announced that Wessanen will become Ecotone and focus on a new mission of “Food for Biodiversity”. Newly headquartered in Lyon, the company is drawing up a Biodiversity commitment plan that goes “beyond the organic standards”.

Ecotone takes on the mission of “food for biodiversity”

In a press release, Ecotone highlighted the key aspects of this evolution in the company: “Every day, some of the biodiversity of our planet is lost forever. This is largely caused by the current industrial agricultural and food systems degrading the environment and its soil.  Every species that is lost can threaten the connection of and balance between all species. Often resulting in the loss of entire ecosystems and precious resources. Wessanen is a pioneer in vegetarian and organic food and has been helping to build an alternative food model in Europe. Vegetarian and organic food are the two main pillars and effective alternatives to intensive agriculture and livestock that threaten biodiversity today”.

“Becoming Ecotone gives us the opportunity to further strengthen the focus on our mission Food for biodiversity”

By 2030 Ecotone commits to:

  • further grow the share of its turnover of organic products to 90% and of vegetarian products to 95%. Vegetarian and organic products are essential to preserving biodiversity
  • defy food standardization and guarantees that ⅔ of its products are not based on the 9 over consumed Global commodities(e.g., wheat, rice, corn, soybeans, palm oil, etc.)  that more than 65% of Global diets are based on. This will be key to develop diversified diets that are respectful of biodiversity.
  • triple the volume of strategic raw materials grown using agricultural practices exceeding organic specifications in order to increase biodiversity (e.g., agri-ecological practices, under cover, long crop rotation).

Pioneer in vegetarian and organic food

In 2019, Wessanen became the first European International Food group to be certified B Corp, one of the most demanding CSR labels. In 2020, following the relocation of its head office to Lyon, Ecotone takes the next step and adopts the status of a mission led company (‘entreprise a mission’) according to the French law ‘PACTE’.

Christophe Barnouin, CEO Ecotone commented: “For more than 30 years we have chosen organic and vegetarian food as our main pillars. Becoming Ecotone gives us the opportunity to further strengthen the focus on our mission “Food for biodiversity” and make it a visible commitment every day.

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