Nature Bio Foods is one of the worldwide leading companies supplying organic food ingredients to customers over the world, and a pioneer in the organic business since 1997. With more than 84,000 hectares of organic cultivated soil and 64,000 farming families associated, the company makes sure to keep the farmers well looked after by contributing towards their socioeconomic improvement and progress.

Rohan Grover Nature Bio-Foods
Rohan Grover, Nature Bio Foods Director.

Now, under the current leadership, Nature Bio Foods is looking forward to continue the transformation of the Indian agriculture fields and the way food is produced in the country, while they work towards delivering high quality organic ingredients worldwide.

Nature Bio Foods is Organic Certified as per EEC no. 834/2007, USDA’s NOP, India’s NPOP (equivalent to EU standards), Biosuisse, Naturland and by many reputed International and National Certification agencies like Control Union Certifications (CUC, former SKAL), ECOCERT, ONECERT, LACON, Aditi Organic, and Vedic Organic. Besides Organic, NBF operations are also certified as per well-known social standards like FLO Fairtrade of Germany.

“The organic world is becoming global and the demand is getting bigger”

We interview Rohan Grover, Director of Nature Bio Foods. Rohan has a lot of experience in the sector and has been the key to setup company’s subsidiaries in Netherlands and the USA.

Bio Eco Actual. What is the core business of Nature Bio Foods?

Rohan Grover. NBF is now a full-fledged Organic Supply chain with strong command on Farming and Processing and now delivering the goods at the doors of our EU and USA partners. We produce and contribute 80% of the organic rice produced in India, we also significantly produce Pulses, Oil seeds , Spices.

Where primarily go these products?

USA and Europe have always been one of the keys of the organic movement and market. Today, India is exporting a lot of organic ingredients and NBF contributes to 10% of the country’s overall exports.

These ingredients exported from India are further distributed by NBFs local subsidiaries in Netherlands.

These ingredients are consumed in Bakery, Oil pressing, Pasta, Cakes, Vegetable beverages, etc.

How do you assure the quality of your products, from the soil to the consumer?

Nature Bio Foods is well recognized worldwide for its long years of remarkable performances, quality products and trustworthiness, and we’ve come a long way to establish ourselves as the leading organic company in India. Our success comes from our involvement in all organic operations: farm production, manufacturing, and Logistics and handling.

The Harvested crops are brought during the season time to NBFs one of the 5 dedicated organic Facilities in India where it is stored under cocoons treatment or Cold storages to avoid any cross contamination.  It is then processed in the plants which are highly audited and certified by GFSI standards, Many Baby food brands audits , and many Social audits such as SEDEX and SA8000. The product is Processed in state of the art Processing plants by Buhlers, Cambria, etc.

“We believe each one of you should know about the product you consume, where it comes from, how it is grown & its impact on the one’s who are producing it”

What about cross contaminations and the harmonization of the products?

In India the farmers are not so rich and have small land holdings , so the effort is the most to control the farm for any cross contaminations. Since our beginning we’ve always tried to give organic trainings and Practise knowledge to entire villages and not just a few farmers. Secondly, we not only gave them premiums on crops which are produced organic but worked with farmers to increase their productivity and increase their yields.

We also work on developing the overall community, we have approx 100 people from each village participating in our programs and movements. We try to make transformation projects in the farming villages to preserve the areas and bring awareness about the overall movement. Our Farmers are our Families and often visit at our factories where they work together to find solutions to challenges.

Farming family
Farming family. Nature Bio Foods.

During the pre-sowing season, our farmers and NBF team make the annual plans for crops to be grown , varieties, Alternative crops etc. This helps in ensuring we have adequate volumes to cater to the growing requirements.

“I feel proud to be part of this”

What are your previsions?

In Europe and the USA, people want to know where the products are coming from and their authenticity. We know that we must give the consumers the complete traceability, for this reason we decided to open (5 years ago) a company and distribution hub in Europe. We bring the product from India and also from other countries and then we distribute it to our customers to their doors. This gives them more trust given that we are a European company bringing our products from India and a supply chain which controls and monitors complete supply chain.

How do you see the market worldwide: what is the general trend? 

The organic market is growing all over the world. The growth is huge and everybody is wanting to eat and live with the organic way, because everybody wants to be aware of what they are eating, and the impact that their actions have to the environment.

Citizens want to find every day a more different and complete range of organic food products, so our company has projects not just in India but now around the world. The organic world is becoming global and the demand is getting bigger.

We support the farmers, because they are the ones that need it the most, encouraging them to do something for the environment, the soil, and themselves… I think it’s very important to support the developing countries farmers.

We also do a lot of biodynamic agriculture certified by Demeter, with a lot of quantity of organic rice, oils seeds… that’s the next horizon and the future. We are already working with many European brands that have projects in India specially for Demeter crops.  We are assuring at different levels that the product coming from India directly to the doors of the consumers in Europe is great and that’s why everybody is appreciating our products. I feel proud to be part of this.

Nature Bio-Foods

Author: Oriol Urrutia, Co-Editor.

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