In 2020, Natexpo earned plaudits by going ahead with its event in Lyon. With the benefit of this successful show, attended by 7,965 trade visitors, the organisers are looking towards the next show, scheduled for 24, 25 and 26 October 2021, with the clear intention of holding it, as they did in 2020, in the best conditions for all participants. In fact, Natexpo is the only organic product physical event of this scale scheduled in 2021.

Natexpo: a 2021 show keenly anticipated by the sector's prefessionals

Natexpo 2021

Furthermore, it will be taking up quarters for the first time in Villepinte’s Hall 6, one of the largest in the exhibition centre. This long-standing trade show can rely on the loyalty of its exhibitors and its force of attraction towards new ones. With nine months to go before it opens, 750 French and international exhibitors are already raring to go, along them 150 newcomers. These figures offer evidence that organic sector professionals from every horizon are keenly anticipating this exceptional meeting so as to meet up physically and develop their business in a convivial atmosphere conducive to business relations. As the only trade show to represent the entire organic sector, NATEXPO this year expects to welcome a record number of 1,300 exhibitors.

Natexpo plays a major role in supporting the growth of the organic sector all over the world, specifically by enabling professionals to come together face-to-face during an unprecedented period. This 2021 is even more keenly awaited since the growth of the organic sector has accelerated during the public health crisis. According to the French national observatory for organic farming, organic food products gained an additional 8% of consumers during the lockdown in spring 2020.

The crisis has had a major impact on consumer expectations, which have become more demanding by focusing on eco-products and corporate responsibility across all product categories; food, textiles, cosmetics, personal hygiene, cleaning products, etc. This has prompted NATEXPO to introduce a new sector in 2021 dedicated to this trend in ecoproducts and eco-services. This edition will also feature the launch of a new sector, “Le Grand Bain” (The Main Pool), which aims to support small companies which previously benefited from the specific offering of the Organic Incubator, this time with an intermediate-sized stand.

This 2021 is even more keenly awaited since the growth of the organic sector has accelerated during the public health crisis

French and international exhibitors already out in force!

Among the 750 French and international exhibitors already preparing their show, Natexpo 2021 is expecting all the leading names in organic, but also newcomers to the exhibition and the sector. Many European professionals have already planned to come to Paris. Among the exhibitors who have already signed up from outside France, Italy, Belgium and Germany are the best-represented countries, alongside companies from Austria, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Peru, Bulgaria and the United Kingdom. Many French regions will also be in attendance. Such is the case with Centre-Val de Loire, Occitanie, AuvergneRhône-Alpes, Brittany, Grand Est, Hauts-deFrance, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, PACA and Pays de la Loire. Normandy and Île-de-France are also preparing to join NATEXPO in an official capacity for the first time.

An all-round view of the new organic trends

All the segments of the organic sector will be represented at this new edition: food, ingredients and raw materials, health food, dietary supplements, cosmetics and personal hygiene, household and personal products and services, services and equipment for retail and brands. Highly attuned to the expectations of professionals, Natexpo represents a premium meeting place to allow brands, buyers and decision-makers to engage in dialogue and develop their business. Over the space of three days, the show will offer special features, expert advice and talks to get fully up-to-date on the latest news in the organic world in France and internationally, most notably through the NATEXPO Awards which pay tribute to the latest innovations on the market.

All the segments of the organic sector will be represented at this new edition

A space dedicated to eco-friendly initiatives

Natexpo 2021 will be inaugurating a space dedicated to sustainable development, the circular economy and zero waste. This sector thus brings together in a single place a product and service offering that already featured at Natexpo but was previously scattered around the show: anti-waste, recyclability, managing unsold merchandise, resource conservation, the incorporation of social and environmental externalities into product prices, etc.

The aim is to simplify visitors’ access to an essential offering to meet the very high expectations of consumers regarding both social and environmental responsibility. Natexpo thus accompanies the sector in rising to this new challenge of eco-responsibility!

Le Lab, launched at Natexpo’s 2018 show, will host this sector in the form of a village accommodating small companies, in the same way as the Incubator does in the Food category.

Highlights for all organic professionals

Natexpo gives professionals the chance to discover the best innovations in terms of products and services and gain insight into new trends on the organic market to as to
respond to them appropriately. As a result, NATEXPO offers an array of events throughout
the show to fulfil the wide-ranging needs of professionals in attendance:

  • 2021 Natexpo Awards: created to reward the best organic innovations, the Natexpo Awards single out recently-launched products in eight categories: Beverages, Dietary Supplements, Sweet Grocery Products, Savoury Grocery Products, Fresh Products, Cosmetics and Personal Hygiene, Household and Products Personal Products and Services, and Retail Equipment.
  • The Lab: a display area and pitch forum, Le Lab is dedicated to start-ups who develop innovative initiatives in the area of zero waste, the circular economy and technological eco-innovations.
  • New Product Gallery: reflecting innovation! This strategic area will offer visitors an
    exclusive opportunity to discover exhibitors’ innovations.
  • Import / Export Office: a space to identify and activate the right levers for importing
    and exporting: regulations, packaging, certification, target market expectations,
  • Natexbio Forum: short talks presented by NATEXBIO, the federation of organic processors and retailers, offering an update on the organic market and its potential. It will also provide an opportunity to look back on the third edition of the “Natexbio Challenge” competition dedicated to processing and retail start-ups.
  • Dietary Supplements Forum: In association with SYNADIET, this area helps buyers and sellers in the sector to get up to speed on the latest industry developments.
  • Cosmetics Innovations Forum: In association with Cosmébio®, the French trade association for eco-friendly and organic cosmetics, this space will be entirely dedicated to beauty and wellness at the very heart of the exhibition sector, bringing together all the special features relating to the cosmetics innovations of exhibitors.
  • Organic Trends Forum: in association with BIOLINÉAIRES, many subjects will be addressed during talks and round tables, allowing visitors to take advantage of this exclusive forum for exchange with an array of experts.
  • Organic Ingredients Forum: the leading challenges in the upstream segment of the organic sector will be addressed with experts, producers and processors.
  • Innovation Forum: How can the issues and problems of the companies of tomorrow
    be anticipated? The forum will provide some ideas through round tables and talks,
    all founded on types of innovation: managerial, new technology, produce ecodesign, reuse, etc.

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