Since October 2013, Andreas Raab is the Managing Director of Raab Vitalfood. He studied Industrial Engineering and Biotechnology in Dresden and Berlin and obtained his PhD in the field of Chemistry and Microbiology. Raab Vitalfood is a family business founded in 1989 by Mr. Michael Raab with one goal: the development of organic food with health benefits, the main priority being that values ​​such as sustainability, quality awareness, authenticity are met , integrity and transparency.

Andreas Raab
Andreas Raab, Managing Director of Raab Vitalfood

How can we boost our immune system through food?

A balanced diet is an important precondition for an intact immune system. For a proper function of the immune defense, vitamins and minerals must be available in sufficient quantities. In addition, dietary fats, such as omega-3- and omega-6-fatty acids should be consumed in a healthy balance. A reasonable amount of fiber in our diet is essential for supporting a healthy gut. And last but not least secondary plant substances, for instance polyphenols, which act as free radical scavengers, are supporting our immune system as well.

Has the pandemic impacted your products demand?

Yes, we did notice an increased demand for products that support the immune system and might help the body to fight off infections and other health hazards.

Are supplements a need or a choice?

That depends. Oftentimes it is recommended and reasonable to supplement the diet. Typical vitamin deficiencies are a lack of vitamin D or vitamin B12. Also iron and magnesium are candidates for deficiencies. The Doctor can check that easily. Besides a healthy and balanced diet, consuming concentrated secondary plant substances is yet another possibility to support your health and body, in a physical and mental manner. Curcuma and Boswellia e.g. act anti-inflammatory, Rose hip powder with vitamin C against joint pain and OPC from grapes is highly anti-oxidative.

“The human body is not well adapted to a high consumption of sugar and reducing it is undoubtedly essential for a healthier life”

One of your new top products is the Omega-3 Seaweed Oil. How do you achieve to transform Schizochytrium sp. seaweed into a sustainable plant-based fish-alternative?

The microalgae Schizochytrium sp. naturally produces large amounts of the omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. This algae oil is an environmentally friendly and resource-saving alternative to fish oil, as the algae are cultivated in special tanks and not taken from the sea; hence the natural ecosystem is not endangered by the production of algae oil. After cultivation and fermentation, the cell walls of the algae are broken open so that the oil is accessible. The oil is gently filtered and filled into vegan capsules. This type of production means that there is no contact with environmental contaminants. 

What is the D-Mannose? What problems can help it solve?

D-Mannose is a monosaccharide (a type of sugar) that is also found in the human body, e.g. on the mucous membranes of the urinary tract. D-mannose occupies (masks) the binding sites on the surface of the E. Coli bacteria, which are causing urinary tract infections. The masked bacteria can no longer bind to the urinary tract mucous membranes and can be excreted via the urine. Thus, the bacteria can no longer cause harm, the infection takes a milder course and decays more rapidly. D-mannose is a mild and natural alternative to antibiotics and it works with no negative side effects. 

You offer premium sweeteners such as high-quality Stevia & Birch sugar (xylitol). What’s your opinion on sugar consumption? 

The global consumption of sugar is rising continuously since the beginning of its industrial production. One of the main issues that comes along with the sugar consumption is a high caloric intake – often in accordance with low physical activity. Obesity and diabetes are just two of many diseases caused by a high caloric intake over years. In my opinion the human body is just not well adapted to a high sugar intake and reducing it is for sure essential for a healthier life. An easy and convenient way to reduce calories, without resigning the sweet taste, is using xylitol. It is as sweet as regular sugar whereas it has 40 % less calories. Stevia adds even less calories, since only 3 drops of stevia fluid equal 3 g of regular sugar (= 1 sugar cube).

Author: Oriol Urrutia, Co-Editor

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