After receiving applications from all over the world, the General Assembly on 13 September 2021 selected 10 new members to join the IFOAM – Organics International World Board for 2021–2024. Karen Mapusua becomes the President of the new World Board while Choitresh Ganguly (Bablu) and Julia Lernoud are the Vice Presidents.

The IFOAM - Organics International World Board for the team 2021-2024 has been elected
IFOAM – Organics International World Board team (2021–2024)

The General Assembly also selected Tunisia to be the host of the next Organic World Congress 2024. Congratulations to Tunisia, and all those who submitted their hosting bids.

Why is the IFOAM – Organics International World Board needed?

The IFOAM – Organics International World Board is democratically elected by its membership. This team is responsible for overseeing and supporting the IFOAM – Organics International work, growing the global organic marketplace, communicating the benefits of organic, training organic leaders, and facilitating capacity-building for organic farmers.

The previous World Board was led by Peggy Miars (the President) and Jennifer Chang and Karen Mapusua (Vice Presidents). The 10-member team oversaw and supported the promotion of the organic movement as a whole on a global scale. Originally their term was meant to be from 2017 to 2020. However, with the postponement of the General Assembly due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they agreed to continue for an extra year in their roles.

This team is responsible for overseeing and supporting the IFOAM – Organics International work, growing the global organic sector

During the 2021 General Assembly that took place digitally, the former World Board was appreciated for its work and efforts and they graciously handed over to the new World Board whose term will be from 2021 to 2024.

The outgoing World Board 2017-2021

Responsibilities of the World Board

  • Supporting the Organizational Strategy and Organic 3.0: World Board members commit to endorsing and implementing the organizational strategy as approved in 2017 and to promoting the concept of Organic 3.0 as per our landmark document.
    Members should be available to prepare for and attend World Board meetings and dedicate 20 – 30 working days per year (ca. 40 – 60 working days in the case of Executive Board membership), including travel time, to the World Board’s work. Members need to prepare in advance for decision-making and policy development at board meetings and take responsibility for informing themselves about the major issues before board meetings. They are also asked to ensure regular and timely communication, such as responding to emails and e-votes.
  • Fundraising: World Board members are expected to develope financial resources for the organization. This includes pursuing their own initiatives and supporting other fund development activities of the organization.
  • Supporting the organization’s advancement: They provide strategic input to the development of the organization. Member’s guidance to the Executive Director and Management Team in regard to position development and strategic positioning of the organization will be of great value, as will the provision of your leadership to board committees.
  • Representation: Members represent IFOAM – Organics International at international events around the world, including public speeches and/or other contributions to conference and seminar programs. World Board members are also encouraged to write articles and other relevant publications for the organization.

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