As Europe approaches the end of summer and registered record high temperatures, many crops are ready for harvest on the fields in many parts of the world. Pulses, Sunflower Seeds, Stone Fruits and Berries are some of the upcoming harvests that Tradin Organic offers, followed by apples, grapes and many more.

Tradin Organic
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A good moment to buy organic agricultural commodities

It is a very busy period for the organic food industry. Farmers, processors, buyers, and sellers, need to sit down to secure the next 12-month supply. The global organic market is expected to grow 8.3% by 2026, and organically farmed land is also expanding in Europe. However, as an industry, we are still far from reaching the goal announced by the European commission of 25% by 2030. Tradin Organic, the global front runner in organic ingredients, is pushing this goal forward through unique sourcing, sustainability initiatives and creating new opportunities.

Besides being the link between demand and supply in the European market, the company develops new supply chains, advocates the benefits of organic agriculture in every corner of the world and works every day to make organic agriculture and products the new normal.

 Tradin Organic is pushing this goal forward through unique sourcing, sustainability initiatives and creating new opportunities

With the increase in prices and energy costs, the market must now find the best way to function and thrive. There is a good moment to buy organic agricultural commodities: when crops arrive; when farmers and processors can’t take unnecessary risks due to hesitating demand; and more importantly, when the food is fresh.

Tradin Organic
Photo courtesy of Tradin Organic

What products should be kept in mind for the season?

Tradin Organic offers a vast range of organic-certified products, but here are the ones you should keep in mind for the season:

Pulses are harvested during sunny August. They are sustainable for the planet, enrich the soil, are low-fat, high in fibre and are the most accessible source of protein. They are an excellent supplement in vegetarian or vegan diets, and Tradin Organic‘s pulses can be packed for retail (canned or dry), but also make great ingredients for sauces and spreads like hummus. The possibilities are endless! For tasty products like falafels, flakes, pasta and ready-made meals, pulses are the perfect match in many ways.

There is a good moment to buy organic agricultural commodities: when crops arrive

Sunflower Seed is also a summer food and one of the most consumed ingredients worldwide, both as kernels and oil. We process sunflower seeds, kernels, and more, in our own facility Suncomo Food Bulgaria. It’s one of the most nutritionally dense whole foods. Power-packed with protein, fibre, vitamin E, minerals, healthy fats, and more, sunflower products are a functional, versatile and delicious food choice.

About Tradin Organic

Tradin Organic offers a wide range of ingredients for the Food and Beverage Industry, with over 13 offices worldwide and headquarters in Amsterdam, part of the group Acomo. Tradin Organic offers a full-service portfolio, from own sourcing projects, sustainability initiatives, distribution & processing capabilities. It sources premium, certified organic food ingredients carrying more than 150 products from over 60 origins.

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