Enjoying a gastronomic experience with a positive social and environmental impact is possible thanks to Pacari, an Ecuadorian company specialized in the production of organic and fair trade chocolate.

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Organic cocoa, one of the most important crops in the world

Cocoa is one of the world’s most important permanent crops. However, its production is often associated with imbalances in the production chain. These turn cocoa into a lucrative commodity, leading to overexploitation and environmental and social unsustainability.

Organic and fair trade cocoa is emerging as an alternative that convinces more and more consumers. According to data from the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), in 2019 the area of organic cocoa stood at 363,706 hectares and the market had a volume of 66,000 metric tons worldwide. Driven by changing consumption patterns, forecasts say it is a market with growth prospects.

Focus on natural production, through organic, biodynamic and fair trade practices

Pacari: To make the «best chocolate for the world»

Back in 2002, Carla Barbotó and Santiago Peralta followed their dream: to make a positive impact on the world through chocolate. They decided to set out to create a conscious chocolate, with an identity that values the country of origin: «We don’t want to be the best chocolate in the world. We want to be the best chocolate for the world». Thus Pacari was born, an Ecuadorian brand of reference in the production of organic and vegan chocolates.

To bet on natural production, respecting the principles of nature, through ecological and fair trade practices, with biodynamics as an agricultural practice. This is the philosophy on which Pacari is based. In fact, this is reflected in its name: Pacari means dawn, or nature, in Quechua.


Change drivers

Pacari collaborates with more than 3,500 small-scale producers, mainly from the area of Ecuador that stretches from the Andes to the Pacific. It is no coincidence that its proposal was born in this country, which is a leader in cocoa production and the cradle of the best varieties of this food. A way to promote and maintain the rich historical heritage of the area.

These suppliers operate organic cocoa farms with a holistic approach that maintain a self-regenerating ecosystem, free of chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers, guaranteeing an ecological balance between animals, soil, plants and humans. For this reason, they have the Demeter (biodynamic agriculture), USDA Organic and the Organic EU regulation seals.

Pacari follows a sustainable and ethical production model that is responsible with people and the planet

They buy cocoa directly from producers, with no commercial intermediaries, to ensure them stable prices. This shortens the gap between production and market, which is very large in the conventional chocolate market.

Sustainability and ethics

All this responds to an ethical, sustainable production model responsible with people and the planet. Pacari is the first B Corp certified food company in Ecuador, a sign of its commitment as an agent of change.

The company’s desire to generate a positive impact is also reflected in the compostable packaging of its products. Its biodegradable packaging made from vegetable cellulose replaces 100% of plastic, reducing the amount of waste during the manufacturing, marketing and consumption process. In addition, their products are vegan. They do not use cow’s milk in the production of their chocolates, since cow’s milk is responsible for a high percentage of greenhouse gases.


Pure, healthy cocoa

Cocoa is a healthy product, containing polyphenols and flavonoids with multiple health benefits. But often the industry destroys them in the process by making ultra-processed and flat-tasting chocolates, full of sugar, vegetable fat or milk powder.

Pacari reinvents chocolate thanks to Ecuadorian cocoa. It offers chocolates with a minimum of 60% cocoa in all its products, which in turn are dairy-free, gluten-free and free of refined sugars. Its offer includes snacks, chips and chocolate bars available in up to 35 flavors, perfect for enjoying cocoa alone or combined with the best culinary creations.

Pacari’s offer includes snacks, chips and chocolate bars available in up to 35 flavors

Its chocolates are currently present in more than 42 countries around the world, including: Switzerland, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Peru, United States, Japan, China, Canada, South Africa, Holland, among others. They can be found in supermarkets, gourmet stores and other shopes specialized in premium chocolate and products for responsible consumers. Thanks to its constant innovation and core values, Pacari has been awarded more than 376 national and international prizes.

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