Cleaning products can be efficient and still be kind to the planet. It is under this concept that Baula was born in 2016, offering organic water-soluble cleaning tablets.

In pursuit of the most groundbreaking cleaning product

Baula was born in 2016 as a research project with the aim of creating the most disruptive cleaning product on the market. Its purpose: to contribute to a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable world, creating a positive effect of social and environmental change.

The first laboratory was installed in the Barcelona Science Park, an entity affiliated with the University of Barcelona, when its founder Jordi Caparrós, a chemical industry salesperson with more than 20 years of experience, decided to apply a sustainable and respectful vision to the field of traditional cleaning products.

All the power in a 5g tablet

Baula pills are the result of an extensive scientific research process. The solid cleaners, in the form of 5-gram tablets, dissolve in water to provide simple and effective cleaning without resorting to toxic products.

Baula was born to fight against two major problems: single-use plastic pollution and high CO2 emissions. The Baula tablet format eliminates single-use plastic bottles, while the formulation with natural ingredients eliminates the toxic emissions of conventional cleaning products. As a result, each Baula tablet produces 60 times less CO2 emissions than conventional cleaning and reduces plastic waste by up to 95%.

Water-soluble cleaning tablets to contribute to a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable world

Its range includes bathroom, sanitizers, degreasers, multipurpose and floor cleaners, for both domestic and industrial use. Since 2018, their products in business format (Baula Bussiness) have been cleaning stores, schools, residences, hospitals, airports, and offices.

Own and locally manufactured, Baula products meet quality controls and high standards of detergency and pharmaceutical. The tablets require minimal manipulation to activate its compounds and they contribute to health and well-being, since they do not produce chemical emissions that affect the respiratory tract. Their compact design means a weight reduction of at least 95% compared to competitors. Being compact allows them to optimize spaces, need less transportation and minimize the carbon footprint.

Patented product in 130 countries

In 2017, the business idea won the most innovative start-up award from Acció, an agency attached to the Government of Catalonia. The following year, the product development process ended and the introduction to the market began.

In 2019, one of Baula ranges obtained the Ecocert certification and started the sales process on a national and international scale in the industrial sector, opening the B2C market in Germany. In this process, Baula’s formulas also obtained the Flustix certification, which guarantees that they are free of microplastics, and were tested to guarantee their biodegradability. One year later, in 2020, Baula managed to establish direct sales channels to consumers through organic supermarkets, cooperatives and bulk stores. Today, its cleaning products are patented in 130 countries and have already been marketed in more than 24 countries through its own brand and white label.

Baula’s compact and effervescent tablets are patented in over 130 countries

Seeking new distributors

Throughout its history, Baula has successfully developed projects in various organic markets. Of particular note is Biobaula, the brand launched in 2019 in various organic chains and small retailers in Germany, where 1.5 million tablets were sold in the first six months and won the Best New Product Non-Food award at BIOFACH 2020 and 2021. The Pure Pills by Baula project in collaboration with the company Pousse Pousse and the launch of the Eco Cleaning Turtles brand in Oceania, together with its distributor Urban Ethos, are also examples of success.

Baula is pursuing its expansion strategy, especially in central and northern Europe, with new distributors introducing Ecocert-certified products under its brand and private label in the Nordic, Scandinavian and central European countries.

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