Across the Gulf Region and the Middle East, consumers are switching to healthy food alternatives. No longer a niche market, organic food & food products with a health claim like clean label, carb free, no calories, sugar free, nutritional value, allergen free and functional food supplements, are celebrating a growth in demand from Retail and (Fast) Food Service, Hotels and (inflight) Catering – it has gone up to a 360% in the region over the last 5-10 years.

The first edition of the Free From Food Dubai 2023 is set to take place at the Rotana, Dubai on 19 and 20 September 2023. Participants’ agenda’s will be completely filled with high numbers of guaranteed meetings, pre-arranged and managed by Dubai based partner Global Management, will take part in the Expo and offers extra attention by lifting new healthy products in the conferences. The event will present the latest innovations and trends in organic food, free from, vegan, plant – based, vegan and functional supplements.

“Awareness and perceptions about health and functional foods are positively growing, reflecting in an increase in demand” commented Ronald Holman, Director of Organizer EBC. These foods encompass ever – growing health and diet requirements and have shown to be powerful performer s within num erous food categories – from snacking, ready meals, breakfast and out-of-home, to frozen, confectionery and everyday grocery essentials.

Embracing Market Trends in the Gulf Region

Food quality and awareness of health and environmental benefits are taking the food industry by storm. The Free From and Health Functional category encompasses a growing range of dietary needs, while responding to the increasing demand for healthy, nutritious and socially and environmentally responsible products. Free From Food Dubai Expo is a key venue for companies’ strategy to respond to today’s dietary needs and lifestyle in the Gulf Region and beyond the Middle East countries.

Free From Food Dubai is more than a trade show. It is an opportunity to network, find new customers, gain knowledge and do business in the Gulf Region and beyond. It is the key place to connect with the most innovative, healthy products and brands with health and food professionals, retailers, importers, distributors and hospitality buyers with hotels and catering. Dubai stands out as a perfect location for this purpose.

How to attend

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