Cocoa is a widely used raw ingredient, loved by many for one of its popular derivatives called chocolate. Its history dates back in 1519, when the Spanish arrived in Mexico and were introduced to cocoa beans by the Aztecs. They consumed it in the form of a bitter drink known as xocotatl.

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Growth forecast

The cocoa bean journey around the world was rocky, as diseases and specific climate conditions made it challenging to cultivate the forest tree. The majority of the world’s crop is area-bounded by the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, requiring the perfect blend of climate conditions to grow.

Currently, the yearly global production reaches 5 mln MT of cocoa beans, while organic segment represents just the 2%. However, considering the trends in the industry for traceable, customized, healthy, sustainably produced food, the share of organic is expected to grow rapidly.

Tradin Organic & Crown of Holland

Tradin Organic has over 20 years of experience sourcing certified cocoa worldwide, including own sourcing projects such as Sierra Leone and others. As for cocoa processing, Tradin Organic opened the doors of its own cocoa processing facility in the Netherlands in 2013, named Crown of Holland.

Tradin Organic
Courtesy of Tradin Organic

The factory is predominantly processing organic certified and specialty cocoa beans, into cocoa powders, butters and liquors. In addition, the R&D team at Crown of Holland offers cutting-edge product customization to meet any specific requirements.

Tradin Organic first opened the doors of its own cocoa processing plant in the Netherlands in 2013, called Crown of Holland

Tradin Organic strives to supply the chocolate industry with the most sustainable, organic certified and fully traceable cocoa products of the highest quality. For the factory Crown of Holland, this means having their own sourcing projects and being present at all stages of the supply chain to manage organic integrity, commitment to social responsibility and traceability.

Crown of Holland relies on two types of technology: whole-bean roasting and nib roasting. Whole-bean roasting is predominantly used by artisan cocoa roasters since it provides exceptional flavour profiles. The nib roasting is great for producing cocoa powder as enables a stable flavour profile and consistent quality.

The cocoa products are in line with certification standards: Organic, Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance Certified™, Naturland and a few others, up to sustainable initiatives run by specific projects in collaboration with our customers.

About Tradin Organic

Tradin Organic offers a wide range of ingredients for the Food and Beverage Industry, with over 13 offices worldwide and headquarters in Amsterdam, part of the group Acomo. Tradin Organic offers a full-service portfolio, from own sourcing projects, sustainability initiatives, distribution & processing capabilities. It sources premium, certified organic food ingredients carrying more than 150 products from over 60 origins.

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