In Spain we have a tendency to believe that everything that comes from abroad is better. And 40 years ago, in the case of econatural cosmetics, it was really like that. Most of the quality cosmetics came from Germany or France. But, at the same time, there has always been a not insignificant number of companies and entrepreneurs within this sector that have been learning and evolving, giving rise to the current panorama with its very wide and varied offer of high-quality eco-natural cosmetics.

econatural cosmetics

Examples of success

To give an example, we can visualize a bioclimatic building where the laboratory of a well-known Spanish cosmetics company is housed. The building is surrounded by organically grown marigold fields. When the time comes, the flowers are collected and go directly to the laboratory. Can it be more sustainable? Can a laboratory obtain a fresher and better-quality raw material?

Another example of success tells us about an entrepreneur who started her project as a form of self-employment and today employs 10 people in a rural area. And there are many other examples, each one with a story that tells us about environmental and social sustainability to which rigor and quality are added.

In addition, you can find very interesting formulations. From the most traditional in natural cosmetics such as artisan soaps or balms, to the new, very sophisticated ones offered by some brands. These new natural cosmetics products are normally achieved after a long development time, up to two years in some cases, and countless tests that are undertaken until the desired formula is achieved, and can be approved according to the econatural cosmetics certification criteria.

This is another of the pillars of the peak moment in which the sector finds itself. Many of these companies and initiatives are committed to rigorous certification, among the three currently offered in the country: Cosmos, Natrue and BioVidaSana.

The BioVidaSana certification was launched in 2010 offering facilities to a sector with abundant small and medium-sized companies

BioVidaSana Certification, safe guarantee

The BioVidaSana certification was launched in 2010 with the aim of offering, on the one hand, quality and, on the other, facilities to a sector with abundant small and medium-sized companies at a time when there was no national company offering this service. As for a guarantee, it was provided by the Swiss certifier bio.inspecta, with a long history and recognition for the certification process and by the Spanish company Biocertificación, for its knowledge and experience in certifying organic products. Added to this is the prestige of the Vida Sana Association, as an entity that has championed responsible consumption in this country for more than 40 years.

BioVidaSana has a hundred certified companies. Like other certifications, it offers a category for natural products and another for organic products. The novelty is the Ecoplus category that is only granted to companies that exclusively manufacture econatural cosmetics and where at least 80% of a company’s products are in the ecological category. In this category we find many pioneering companies with a long history in the sector. It also offers a vegan category but only for products that already have the BioVidaSana certification, which with this seal guarantees that the products are vegan and natural at the same time.

BioVidaSana certified brands are exceptional from all points of view: for the personal stories of entrepreneurship behind many of them, for meeting the criteria of the strict BioVidaSana Standard and for exhaustively complying with the legal requirements for cosmetic production using Good Manufacturing Practices, including requirements on having adequate facilities, preparation of the cosmetic product information file, and production of a safety report following completion of corresponding tests on the effectiveness of preservatives and product registration on the European CPNP portal. In addition, all claims that can be found on the label such as “for sensitive skin”, “dermatologically tested”, the sun protection index in sun creams and any other claims have been properly tested to make sure they can be made.

Therefore, BioVidaSana certified products have it all: they are “living” cosmetics; that is, they have not been mass produced by a large industry, but are the product and vision of each of their creators. They are econatural cosmetics, thoroughly verified, and fully compliant with legal requirements.

Authors: Nuria Alonso, BioVidaSana Certification and Montse Escutia, Ecoestética Project

Published in the BIOFACH & VIVANESS 2023 Bio Eco Actual Special Edition.

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